Bajaj Qute Sri Lanka Launch Soon, to Replace 3 Wheelers?

Bajaj Qute Re60-8

Bajaj Qute Sri Lanka launch is about to happen soon and it will more likely be a new alternative to the auto rickshaws

Bajaj Qute has stirred quite an interest globally for its unusual design and cheap price tag. The small four passenger seating quadracycle is about to launch in Sri Lanka, it would replace the conventional three wheelers, known as auto rickshaws. The Bajaj Qute has already been launched in Turkey and plans to launch in new countries like Russia and Sri Lanka are put in place. In Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh the auto rickshaws are very popular as the medium of public transport. Now with the Bajaj Qute, the Indian automaker is trying to grab the potential market by providing personalized mobility solutions.

The Bajaj Qute is powered by a small 217 cc four stroke 4 valve single cylinder water cooled engine, which comes with digital triple spark ignition technology, which is available in premium motorcycles manufactured by Bajaj. The rear positioned small engine is paired with a four speed manual gearbox and it can generate 13 bhp of peak power and 19.6 Nm of peak torque.

The quadracycle can run at a top speed of 70 kmph, which is more than enough for congested city roads, and it also enables the car to navigate and overtake in the heavy traffic pretty fast. In Indian continent the customers are very much concerned about the fuel economy as they are very much price sensitive. Here also Bajaj Qute has an advantage, as this vehicle offers 36 kmpl of fuel economy. Not only that, the availability of Bajaj Qute in petrol, CNG and LPG options make this vehicle worthy indeed.

The small size of the Bajaj Qute enables the vehicle to run on city roads so easily, where congestion is a regular issue. Dimensionally, the Qute stands with 2753 mm of length, 1312 mm of width, 1653 mm of height and 1925 mm of wheelbase. The radius circle of 3.5 metre means it can use a very little space to take u-turn.

Although the safety of the Bajaj Qute has been a concern, but the automaker claims, it is 85% safer than other small vehicles. Well, it certainly looks much better than a conventional auto rickshaw which we generally use to travel around various corners of our cities.

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