Bajaj Pulsar Range Gets Yet Another Price Hike – New Price List Inside

bajaj pulsar4

All Bajaj Pulsar models have become more expensive by almost Rs. 1000-1500, including the recently-launched Pulsar 125 Split Seat drum variant

Bajaj Pulsar has been a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts for many years now, thanks to its attractive styling, performance, and extremely lucrative pricing. That last factor, however, is quickly losing its pacing, as Bajaj has announced another price hike for the entire Pulsar range. All models have now seen a price increment between by Rs 999 and Rs 1,498.

The Pulsar 125 is now priced from Rs 72,122 to Rs 80,218, for all its different variants. The Pulsar 150 had already crossed the Rs. 1 lakh mark with its twin-disc variant, and the standard variant is close to doing so as well (perhaps with the next price hike?). The 150 Neon, however, is much more affordable, at Rs. 92,627.

The Pulsar 180F and 220F are now priced at Rs. 1.13 lakh and Rs. 1.23 lakh, respectively. Even though they aren’t as pricey as some of the other motorcycles with similar capacity engines, it should be remembered that the styling of these motorcycles is more than two decades old at this point, and the engines are similarly old, or even older.

bajaj Pulsar 125 Neon Split Seat-4

The Pulsar NS160 now costs slightly more than Rs. 1.08 lakh, and the NS200 is priced a smidge over 1.31 lakh. In fact, both the NS models are now priced the same as their TVS Apache rivals, 160 4V and 200 4V, respectively. The clincher here is that the Apache models offer better equipment overall, especially the 200 4V, with its adjustable front forks and riding modes.

The Pulsar RS200 continues to remain the flagship of the range, with a price of Rs. 1.52 lakh. Bajaj recently gave the Pulsar NS and RS models a new colour scheme, but no mechanical upgrade was given, or is in the pipeline.


Bajaj Pulsar Updated Price List – December 2020
Model Latest Price
Pulsar 125 Neon Drum Rs. 72,122
Pulsar 125 Neon Disc Rs. 76,922
Pulsar 125 Split-Seat Drum Rs. 73,274
Pulsar 125 Split-Seat Disc Rs. 80,218
Pulsar 150 Neon Rs. 92,627
Pulsar 150 Rs. 99,584
Pulsar 150 Twin-Disc Rs. 1,03,482
Pulsar 180F Rs. 1,13,018
Pulsar 220F Rs. 1,23,245
Pulsar NS160 Rs. 1,08,589
Pulsar NS200 Rs. 1,31,219
Pulsar RS200 Rs. 1,52,179

The lack of updates seems counterintuitive, as most of the rivals had updated and upgraded their motorcycles close to the start of the BS6 era. Even KTM has updated the entire Duke lineup, by upgrading the platform and/or adding more equipment.

*All prices mentioned are ex-showroom