Bajaj Pulsar Range Domestic Sales & Exports – November 2021

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Bajaj Auto registered a Year-on-Year degrowth of 40.98 per cent in the domestic sales of the Pulsar lineup last month (November 2021),

Bajaj Pulsar is one of the most popular nameplates in the Indian motorcycle market. The Pulsar range consists of different models with varying engine sizes (ranging from 125cc to 250cc). Last month, the Pulsar lineup saw a Year-on-Year (YoY) sales decline of 40.98 per cent in the domestic market.

The combined sales figure of Pulsar 125 and NS125 stood at 42,311 units, which is a 25.18 per cent drop in sales on a YoY basis. The Pulsar 150 (150 Neon, 150, and 150 Twin-disc) managed to touch a sales figure of 13,084 units, registering a massive YoY sales drop of 57.41 per cent.

The combined sales figure of Bajaj Pulsar NS160, Pulsar 180, and Pulsar NS200 stood at 5,874 units, which is a 44.17 per cent YoY sales degrowth. Bajaj sold a total of 544 units of the 220F and 250 twins (N250 and F250) combined last month, which is a massive 90.95 per cent sales decline on a YoY basis.

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Bajaj Pulsar domestic sales – November 2021
Models November 2021 sales November 2020 sales
Pulsar 125, NS125 (-25.18 %) 42,311 56,549
Pulsar 150 (-57.41 %) 13,084 30.719
Pulsar NS160, 180, NS200 (-44.17) 5,874 10,522
Pulsar 220F, F250, N250 (-90.95) 544 7,114

Bajaj also registered a Year-on-Year decline in terms of exports in November 2021, of 26.71 per cent in total. Only the Pulsar 220F saw an increase in exports, up marginally by 8.94 per cent on a YoY basis to 1,536 units. As for the NS160, 180, and NS200, their combined export figure stood at 9,410 units, which is a YoY decline of 33.72 per cent.

A total of 10,632 units of the Pulsar 150 were shipped overseas last month, which is a 4.32 per cent YoY decrease in exports. As for the Pulsar 125 and NS125, their combined export fell by 60.96 per cent on a YoY basis, down to 2,272 units. Exports of the Pulsar 250 twins (N250 and F250) haven’t begun yet.

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Bajaj Pulsar exports – November 2021
Models November 2021 exports November 2020 exports
Pulsar 125, NS125 (-60.96 %) 2,272 5,820
Pulsar 150 (-4.32 %) 10,632 11,112
Pulsar NS160, 180, NS200 (-33.72 %) 9,410 14,198
Pulsar 220F (+8.94 %) 1,536 1,410

As per speculations, Bajaj is planning to launch new versions of the Pulsar 125, 150, 180, and 220F very soon. The manufacturer could update them to the same platform as the N250 and F250, which would be a welcome change. Also, Bajaj is looking towards the adventure motorcycle segment, which means that the ‘Pulsar AS’ monicker could return in the near future.