Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Transformed Into Adventure Bike In Stunning Fashion

bajaj pulsar ns200 adventure
Customised Pulsar

The stock Bajaj Pulsar NS200 gets plenty of modified parts to make it an ideal touring machine

There is no doubt in the fact that Adventure Touring is the current trend in India at this moment. People from different corners of the Country are riding their motorcycles and exploring various parts of the unexplored terrain. While some own premium Touring machines others are relying on mod jobs and ‘desi jugaad’ to make their motorcycle ideal for long distance touring.

In this new video, you will notice a stock Bajaj NS200 which has been completely modified into an Adventure Tourer and the number of details to the mod job is absolutely stunning and worth noticing. The modified motorcycle has absolutely no resemblance to the stock motorcycle except its fuel tank and a few other parts.

Towards the front, the stock headlamp unit has been completely replaced with twin headlamp setup taken from a car’s fog lamps. The headlamp units even get a custom made case to protect it from external damage. Just above the headlamp unit, you will notice a tall windshield to protect the rider from windblast.

Apart from the seats and the tank the bike also gets to keep the stock instrument cluster unit while there are no changes made to the switch gears on the handlebar. To keep the bike’s major components safe in case of a fall there is a strong and sturdy looking crash guard in place. The crash guard also gets a metal engine protector which is an important addition to any adventure tourer.

Towards the rear profile, the modified motorcycle has been fitted with rear panniers and top box to carry the entire luggage of the rider. Lastly, to make the exhaust note sound meatier the motorcycle also has been fitted with a custom Yoshimura muffler from Thailand. Besides the cosmetic changes, the modified NS200 gets an improved suspension travel which also helps give it a proper tall tourer motorcycle stance and an upright seating position.

The modified Adventure tourer still retains the stock engine, brakes, and rims from the donor motorcycle. The video does not say anything about the price to complete all this modification setup which is a bummer but, the Motorcycle surely looks stunning and practical for long distance touring.