Bajaj Launches RS200 Demon Black Paint Scheme, Fear the Black Is Back!

Bajaj PulsarRS 200 Demon Black Fear

RS200 Demon Black is a sign of fresh air as the busy design of the normal paint scheme is minimized to a big extent

Bajaj has just launched the RS200 Demon Black paint scheme as a part of color option it has been providing with the RS200 previously which was just yellow and red as of now. RS200 Demon Black, as the name suggest is high on black and has some red strips around it in a subtle area to keep the design clear as we and other critics did not like the very busy design of the motorcycle. There are motorcyclist too who did not like the bike just for the fact of that matter.

Bajaj PulsarRS 200 Demon Black Fear

However, with the introduction of this new color, the RS200 Demon Black, the bike looks stunning and reminds one of the old Pulsar’s with came in pure plain solid black but those were devoid of even the slightest hint of any other color because right from chassis to body everything was all black. RS200 Demon Black also brings back the ‘Fear the Black’ tagline with it which was first seen on the UG2 Pulsar 180 which came way back in the year 2006.

RS200 Demon Black continues to be powered by a fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, single cylinder 4-valve SOCH engine that makes 24.5 BHP of power and 18.6 Nm of torque. The bike weighs at 165 Kgs and comes with a 13l fuel tank. The RS200 Demon Black has been one of the best Pulsar’ till date Bajaj has ever produced with superior hardware, refined engine and comes with a unique single channel ABS option.

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The RS200 Demon Black should retail at the same price as before as the non-ABS version cost Rs. 1.18 lakhs and Rs.1.30 lakhs for ABS variant. It’s time Bajaj made an advert for this successful product which has just made as it already has a lot of bookings and lot of them are already on the street.