Bajaj Dominar Customised Into Hayabusa For Just Rs. 2 Lakh – Details

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Bajaj Dominar modified into Suzuki Hayabusa looks a tempting proposition for just Rs. 2 lakh; here is how it unfolded

Suzuki Hayabusa was named after the peregrine falcon because of its never-before-seen top speed capabilities and the mechanical prowess it boasted when it was first introduced in 1999. The ‘Busa or GSX1300R was so fast that its top speed had to be electronically limited to 300 kmph on mutual consent between Japanese and European manufacturers.

The Hayabusa has long been a fan favourite among Indian motoring enthusiasts and understanding its popularity the ‘Ultimate Sportsbike’ is being locally assembled since 2017. Earlier this year, Suzuki launched the 2018 Hayabusa in India at Rs. 13.88 lakh (ex-showroom) with the addition of two new colour schemes.

Having been around for several years without major updates, the next generation appears to be coming out in 2019 with visual changes and a turbocharged powertrain mated to a semi-automatic transmission. We can even expect a slew of electronic aids and technical wizardry to go into the upcoming Hayabusa.

Despite all the fanfare, it is no secret that the Suzuki Hayabusa cannot be had by all due to its hefty price tag. However, if you have a tight budget and still want to own a ‘Busa, we have got a plan! If you want your budget motorcycle to look like a Hayabusa, GM Custom from Delhi will modify it for you.

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Its owner Firoz appears to have all the right tools in the box to customise any motorcycle between 150 cc and 400 cc capacity into a Hayabusa. Following Hero Xtreme and Hero Karizma, Firoz and co have now modified a Bajaj Dominar. They detach the body panels and other components before replacing them with a new set of suspension, swingarm and fatter tyres to replicate the Hayabusa.

They introduce a specially designed dye cast of the Hayabusa with no changes to the engine and probably exhaust. The Dominar here uses the same 373 cc powertrain with stock power and torque outputs.

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It has also been said that there will be drop in mileage of around 4 to 5 kmpl due to the modifications and extra weight involved, and depending on the bike the entire project will cost about Rs. 1.6-2 lakh. Judging by the pictures, we would say they have performed a really good job.

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