Bajaj Avenger Transformed Elegantly Into Harley-Davidson Look Alike

Bajaj Avenger Transformed Elegantly Into Harley-Davidson Look Alike

The modified Avenger comes with stock engine and all the changes are focused on aesthetic to look like Harley-Davidson

Bajaj Avenger series is one of the cheapest cruiser motorcycles available in the country. But for any cruiser fan, the dream model will be Harley-Davidson bikes but even the cheapest model from the American manufacturers will cost around Rs. 5 lakh, which is very expensive for Indians and the next best option is to modify our current bike.

We have stumbled upon this heavily modified Bajaj Avenger, which is designed to look like Harley-Davidson and it is done by a Delhi-based Bittoo bike modification, the final product looks really good and the perfection is top notch. The engine has been carried over from the regular Avenger, but they have changed almost all other components.

The front gets round headlamp with HID lamp instead of the regular bulb. The stock front forks have been replaced by beefier ones and the fender is also new. The Avenger handlebar has given way for a new one, which is placed low on the body and like Harley Davidson, the ignition switch is placed on the left-hand side instead of right on other models.

The fuel tank design gets a muscular look for the modified Avenger and the bike come with a single piece seat, while footpegs are positioned slightly forward to give a comfortable riding position. The rear fender also gets a new design and the indicators are small.  The metallic v-shape engine covers give the impression of Harley’s engine.

The rear suspension is also different from the regular model and the modifier has given dual exhaust finished in black colour for a muscular look. The front get 170 mm tyre while the rear gets a massive 240 mm tyre with a red finish for alloy wheels and this makes the bike stand out, but it will be difficult to ride the bike with these massive tyres.

The modified Avenger get two disc brakes at the front but only one will work as the other one is for aesthetics only while the rear gets a single disc brake. The overall length has also gone up along with lower ground clearance. The total cost of this modification and the time taken to complete it is is not know yet.