Bajaj Avenger Customised Into an Attractive Retro Cruiser


This old Bajaj Avenger has been modified with custom headlamps, new fuel tank and seat along with attractive paint scheme

Bajaj has done a nice job by introducing the Avenger lineup in the Indian motorcycle market. This is the most affordable cruiser in the country and the Avenger has created an unique segment of 150 cc cruiser as well. While the motorcycle comes bearing a cruiser look with its standard design, some people love to add distinctiveness to the machine by customisation.

Eimor Customs has modified an old Bajaj Avenger with custom body parts and interesting paint scheme. The motorcycle looks pretty attractive indeed. It sports a customised headlamp with chrome bezel. The single-pod instrument cluster comes intact as the stock model. It dons blackened handlebars and round shaped retro looking rear view mirrors with chrome finishing.


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The fuel tank of the customised Bajaj Avenger has been modified and it looks crafted compared to the standard model. Seat too appears as new and it boasts retro stitching. There is a long grab rail at the back of the motorcycle. The rear profile looks updated with a new taillight flanked by turn indicators.

The side body panels, leg guards come with black paint scheme. Both the front and rear mudguards come with an updated look and they don White and Blue paint scheme along with the fuel tank. Exhaust too appears updated and it increases the Avenger’s visual appeal further. The motorcycle runs on multi-spoke wheels and the 17-inch stock front wheel has been replaced with a larger 19-inch wheel. Speaking about the brakes, the front gets a disc brake and the rear wheel sports a drum unit.


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Bajaj Avenger is available in different variants in terms of design and there are two different engine options as well. These are the Avenger Street and Avenger Cruise. The Street model is available with a 150 cc engine and there is a 220 cc engine as well. On the other hand, the Cruise model comes with a 220 cc engine only. Currently, the bike manufacturer is working on a 400 cc Avenger that would increase the Avenger series’ appeal further.

Bajaj Avenger Customised by Eimor Customs – Gallery

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