Bajaj Auto Uses Co-bots and Increases Production

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Bajaj Auto uses co-bots and is the first Indian automotive company to do so for increasing production; incorporated 120 of them at its manufacturing plants

Bajaj Auto Limited is certainly one of the strongest players in Indian two wheeler market. The company is eyeing increased production to capture even larger share in the market, and in an attempt to do so, it is using the collaborative robots (Co-bots) in its assembly lines. Since 2010 several of its plants like Akurdi, Chakan, Waluj and Pantnagar have incorporated co-bots.

The Bajaj Auto confirms, that it has incorporated around 120 co-bots at its manufacturing plants. These compact and cost effective co-bots are capable to do various tasks like welding and applying decals. Using these co-bots has reduced the chance of mishaps as well.

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These co-bots are manufactured by Universal Robots, a Denmark based company. Inspired by the successful usage of co-bots in the assembly lines by Bajaj Auto the Universal Robots has opened its shop in India last year. Meanwhile, using the co-bots in production has been benefiting the Bajaj Auto in two different ways.

The two wheeler and three wheeler manufacturer has employed women staffs in major number than ever before, which now comes as 50% of its entire workforce. Also the company has been able to increase its per capita production per annum from 507 units to 804 units. This significantly, increased the total production of the company across all its plants, improving the business also.

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In the overseas manufacturing plants of several auto manufacturers across the world, usage of robotic arms in production assembly is a very common practice. Now with a leading Indian two wheeler manufacturer like Bajaj Auto doing the same would inspire other Indian auto majors to walk the same path.