Bajaj Auto Launches Rider Communities for Pulsar and Avenger

Bajaj Auto Launches Rider Communities for Pulsar and Avenger

Bajaj Auto launches rider communities; Pulsar Maniacs and The Avenger Gods (TAG) celebrate World Motorcycle Day

Bajaj Auto has launched Pulsar Maniacs and The Avenger Gods (TAG) Rider Communities for the customers in order to celebrate the World Motorcycle Day. Exclusive to the Pulsar and Avenger brands, these clubs are dedicated to Pulsar RS200 and fanatics of the Avenger range. Long distance group riding has emerged greatly in recent years due to the boom in affordable sports bike and touring segment.

The Indian bike maker is trying to take full advantage of that by instigating riders exploring newer avenues. The main significance of these riding communities is professionally organised rides led to experts of the brand as service, emergency support and safety gears will play a major part in the smooth running of the rides. There will be no registration fee to join both the communities.

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Bajaj Auto Launches Rider Communities for Pulsar and Avenger 1

Under the patronage of Bajaj Auto, these rides will cover pretty much everything from weekly breakfast rides to long distance rides. The activities will kick start on weekly basis in top metros in a hope to extend the rides in the future with more enthusiasts joining in. The Pulsar Maniacs will begin with weekly breakfast rides before expanding into overnight and long distance rides.

This follows the footsteps of the successful running Pulsar Mania stunt show and the country’s first-ever speed bidding festival called Pulsar Festival of Speed. Just as the Pulsar Maniacs, the Avenger Gods (TAG) rider community will also have weekly breakfast rides for most the Avenger customers and enthusiasts. A new concept known as FLG rides (Feel Like God) has also been launched which will have long distance ride format winding through several iconic destinations in India.

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The inaugural FLG ride will kick off on June 23 where 15 Avenger riders will get to experience a journey between Chandigarh and Tirthan valley and back clocking of 700 km. The 3 nights 4 days stay will comprise of activities like Trout fishing, star gazing, bonfire and barbeque with local tribal music, forest trail, etc.

The seven metros selected for the Pulsar and Avenger supervised group rides are Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad and Kolkata.