BAC Mono Uses Graphene – A Revolutionary Lightweight and Strong Material


BAC Mono uses Graphene; the car is the Briggs Automotive Company’s attempt to make a public road spec single seater

Cheshire based company Briggs tried its hand to build a public road spec single seater car christened as BAC Mono. The car looks extreme with its F1 racecar inspired design. Apart from the unique design, the BAC Mono comes with another interesting fact. It gets a revolutionary metal, which can make its way into the world of sportscar soon. The BAC Mono test car made using Graphene has been displayed at the Science in the City festival in Manchester.

The new metal is called Graphene, and it is lighter than the heavily used and popular carbon fibre. Also the Graphene is vehemently stronger than the carbon fibre. The new material not only offers a stronger build, but also delivers performance efficiency. Interestingly, BAC Mono is the first vehicle in the world to use this material.

BAC Mono (2)

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The British company claims, that Graphene is just one atom thick, which makes it very lightweight. The material reduces the overall weight of the car by 20% compare to the carbon fibre. Graphene has been built by using lesser number of fibres than the regular carbon fibre. Therefore it enhances the fuel economy as well. The company has used the material in the rear arches of the BAC Mono supercar.


The material and the test car made using the material are still under research and development process. But the company is seriously thinking about using the material in larger quantity to manufacture the car parts. The new material is known for its superior thermal efficiency as well. So far, we can expect the material to be used in other sport cars in future.


The BAC Mono gets power from a longitudinally mounted 2.5 litre four cylinder engine. The engine gets mated to a F-3 spec 6 speed sequential transmission developed by Hewland. It churns out 305 bhp of peak power. On the braking front the car features 295 mm ventilated discs. Also on the suspension front, BAC Mono gets fully adjustable pushrod with damping element developed by SACHS.

Source: Autocar