Avoid HDFC Bank For Your Car Loan – Here’s Why

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A HDFC customer who took up a car loan wrote to us on his displeasure of an experience with the bank and here’s what happened

Here is a musing of an affected customer who does not want anyone to approach HDFC Bank for car loan. He bought his new car two years ago and it was indeed financed by HDFC Bank Limited.

Right after two or three months of purchasing the car, he started receiving numerous calls from the bank. The personnel on call, on the other side, continuously pestered to take up a personal loan offer on behalf of the car loan.

Despite refusing not to accept the loan offer, the calls had been coming every day for the next year and half much to the annoyance of the customer. He explained his frustrations and they were understandable, as even on Sundays he would receive calls twice.

The customer contacted the branch manager after the repeated annoyance and his reply came as a shocker. He said HDFC authorised employees were not calling but DSA were involved in this.

Direct Selling Agents (DSAs) are operating as Agents of Banks and Financial Institutions under the non-statutory code laid down by HDFC Bank. With the customer perplexed over who gives the DSA personal information about him, the bank said sales team might have done so as they are associated with them.

It is no secret that a bank’s primary duty is to safeguard the customer’s privacy and when necessary, only those who are responsible from the bank should contact the customer instead of throwing away important information to a third party agency.

The customer has no choice but to change his contact number. But since all his bank information are associated with it, he is concerned of receiving calls again when he updates the new number with the bank.

He is convinced that all his confidential data will be given to the sales team. He denounced of the unfair treatment from HDFC Bank to us and also said when he took up a car loan previously from public sector bank he did not have this grievance.