August 2019 Discounts On Hyundai Santro, Elite i20, Verna, Creta, Elantra

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The slowdown that the entire auto industry is going through has led most carmakers, including Hyundai, to offer great discounts, last 4 days left

Like we have been saying, the entire two and four-wheeler industry is going through a sales slowdown for several months now. So, it isn’t surprising to see most manufacturers, including successful companies like Maruti and Hyundai, offering great discounts on most of their models.

Hyundai, which has been the second most popular carmaker since forever now, is currently offering some really attractive discounts on its models like Santro, i10, i20, Verna, Elantra, Creta. Here are the complete details of the discount offers –

1) Hyundai Santro – Upto Rs. 40,000

The cheapest car in the company’s lineup is the Hyundai Santro, which is currently available with some great offers. There is a cash discount of Rs 15,000. Moreover, those who sell their old car to Hyundai get an exchange bonus of Rs 20,000. The buyers also get Rs 5,000 worth corporate discount.

2) Hyundai Grand i10 – Upto Rs. 95,000

Hyundai Motor India Ltd launched the third-gen i10 as i10 Nios and hence, it’s currently offering huge discounts on the outgoing model. There is a massive cash discount of Rs 60,000 along with an exchange bonus of Rs 30,000, when you sell off your old car to Hyundai. There’s also a corporate discount of Rs 5,000, which takes the total discount to Rs 95,000. Plus, you can even bargain hard at the dealership to get some more discounts.

Model Cash Discount Exchange + Corporate Discount
Hyundai Santro Rs. 15,000 Rs. 20,000 + Rs. 5,000
Hyundai Grand I10 Rs. 60,000 Rs.30,000 + Rs. 5,000
Hyundai I20 NIL Rs. 20,000 + Rs. 5,000
Hyundai Verna NIL Rs.30,000 + Rs. 10,000
Hyundai Creta NIL Rs. 30,000
Hyundai Elantra Rs. 1,25,000 Rs. 75,000
Hyundai Tucson Rs. 25,000 Rs. 75,000

3) Hyundai Xcent – Upto Rs. 95,000

2017 Hyundai Xcent-3

Like the Hyundai Grand i10, the Xcent is approaching the end of its lifecycle. Hence, it is also available with many discounts. There is a cash discount of Rs 60,000 and an exchange bonus of Rs 30,000. There is also a corporate discount of Rs 5,000. With a total discount of Rs 95,000, the Xcent turns out to be a lot cheaper than its rivals like the Maruti Dzire and Honda Amaze.

4) Hyundai Elite i20 – Upto Rs. 25,000

The Hyundai Elite i20 is easily the most well-rounded product in its segment and its popularity is second only to the hot-selling Maruti Baleno. The second-gen i20 is currently available without any cash discount but gets an exchange bonus of Rs 20,000 along with a corporate discount of Rs 5,000.

5) Hyundai i20 Active – Upto Rs. 25,000


The Elite i20-based crossover is available at an attractive price to lure the traditional hatchback buyers. Apart from this, it’s also available with an exchange bonus of Rs 20,000 and a corporate discount of Rs 5,000. The i20 Active offers all traits of the Elite i20 but benefits from a slightly rugged look and a higher ground clearance.

6) Hyundai Verna – Upto Rs. 40,000

The third-generation Hyundai Verna has been the most successful, with the C2-segment sedan successfully eating into the sales of rivals like the Maruti Ciaz and Honda City. The Verna is currently available with discount offers worth Rs 40,000. There is no cash discount but you can get an exchange offer of Rs 30,000 in case you sell your old car to Hyundai. Additionally, there is a corporate offer of Rs 10,000.

7) Hyundai Creta – Upto Rs. 30,000

hyundai creta

The Hyundai Creta has been the most successful small SUV in its segment so far. However, it is bound to face some heat from the recently launched Kia Seltos and hence, Hyundai might end up offering some good discounts in future. Right now, however, the company is only offering an exchange bonus of Rs 30,000. What’s more, this offer is available only on 1.6 SX (petrol and diesel models) and above. There is absolutely no other offer at the moment. However, in order to maintain the sales momentum in spite of the upcoming competition, the company has recently launched a Sports model, which comes with as many as 20 updates.

8) Hyundai Elantra – Upto Rs. 2,00,000

The Hyundai Elantra is a well-rounded D1-segment sedan. However, the low demand for expensive sedans has led to perpetually less demand for these vehicles. Hence, you can get a discount of Rs 2 lakh on the Hyundai Elantra. There is a cash discount of Rs 1,25,000. Moreover, there is even an exchange bonus of Rs 75,000. Together, these two discounts can make the Elantra substantially cheaper.

2017 hyundai Elantra India-7

9) Hyundai Tucson – Upto Rs. 1,00,000

While models like the Tata Harrier and the Jeep Compass have managed to taste success, the Hyundai Tucson, which is a direct rival of the aforementioned models, has pretty much failed to find enough takers.

Hence, in order to push its sales, the company is offering discounts worth Rs 1 lakh. These comprise of a cash discount of Rs 25,000 and an exchange bonus of Rs 75,000. With Rs 1 lakh off its sticker price, the Tucson comes across a pretty good value for money proposition.