August 2015 Bike Sales Analysis, Suzuki & RE Gains Big


August 2015 Bike Sales Analysis shows positive signs as sales have increased overall.

The automotive market is seeing positive growth everywhere and so is the two-wheeler department, one of the largest in the world and certainly the biggest chunk of fossil fuel burners are two wheelers in India. Rivalry is getting tough in commuter segment as everybody is all set to launch their small and important motorcycles or some are already done with it. Hero and TVS are coming up with new motorcycles and scooters while Bajaj is pretty much done for this quarter. Honda says it will be launching four new products in the next four month and we have told you which are coming anyways.

Starting with HMSI which sold 3,73,202 units last month and has a market share of 29%. YoY growth was 2% as it continues to sell a lot of scooters which it has in its portfolio which were refreshed. Motorcycle sales declined, though by 17.41% to 1,26,452 units last month, from 1,53,117 last year. Meanwhile scooters sales soared by 13.1% as it marked a milestone as well with its 1 crore sales.

2015 Honda Livo Verdict

Hero MotoCorp continues to stay flat for some time as its new product list, which we leaked are yet to come and boost sales. As of now company saw a decline of 13.97% decline in sales. 4,80,537 units were sold in 2015 August meanwhile The company had sold 5,58,609 units in the same month last year. Hero says losses in sales is because festive season is coming three weeks later than last year and hence the downfall as well.

HERO xtreme SPORTS 2015

Bajaj Auto continues to climb the ladder slowly and very steadily. 2,90,436 were in 2015 August and last year it manages to sell 2,84,302 units which helps the Pune motorcycle maker a healthy 2% increase in sales. New age Pulsar’s are off to a great response as it recently sold 30,000 AS branded motorcycles and RS is off to a flying start despite wee bit higher pricing which it easily justifies as it is the best Pulsar yet.

2015 Bajaj Pulsar AS 200 Test Ride Review

Suzuki Motorcycles continues to celebrate success as the Gixxer is doing mind blowing numbers and here is to stay and mark its territory and upset the competition. The Japanese company registered a whopping 67.5% sales increase. Suzuki Motorcycle sold 36,636 units in August 2015 and last year it sold 21,862 units in August 2014. All thanks to refreshed scooters, Let’s 110cc and ofcourse the mighty Gixxer and Gixxer SF siblings.

Suzuki LET’S In Trendy Dual tone colours-1

TVS Motors is on all roll too. Jupiter has steadily gripped the market with its offering called the Jupiter. Just like the planet, the sales are huge and it sells almost 50,000 scooters every month. Domestic two wheeler sales for the month of August 2015 registered in 183,653 units against 188,129 units in the month of August 2014. Breaking it up when it comes to Scooters and motorcycles. Scooters sales grew by 11% increasing from 65,544 units in the month August 2014 to 72,865 units in the month of August 2015. Motorcycle sales grew by 6% increasing from 82,320 units in the month of August 2014 to 87,044 units in the month of August 2015.

Yamaha shows even higher signs of growth as the company grew by 15%. Company registered 61,440 units being sold in August 2015 as compared 53,242 units in August last year. R3 numbers aren’t out yet, but the motorcycle is promising and will sell in good numbers as pricing is OK enough to woo customers to showroom. However, most sales continue to come from FZ which is around 20,000 mark and scooters such as Fascino, which is surprisingly off to a good start along with Ray and Alpha.

Yamaha R3 Launched at Rs.3.25 lakhs-29

Royal Enfield also reported a huge jump in numbers as it grew by 59% in its combined domestic sales. Last year the thumping engine motorcycle manufacturer sold 26,121 units and this time it has sold a whopping 41,600 units. New factory is helping them churn out more volumes and exports, very little but will be a strong point for the company soon. Bajaj currently leads the export sales and seems untouchable in that regard.

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