Audi’s New Traffic Light Information Technology is A Big Leap for Autonomy


Audi’s new traffic light information technology has potential to save fuel, smoothen traffic flow and reduce driver stress

Driving is becoming more and more technology aided. German luxury automaker Audi is rolling out a new feature called Traffic Light Information, which informs the driver of the remaining time they have left to wait at the traffic light. The technology is available on a select number of Audi cars.

Currently, the technology is available in Las Vegas only and in future, it would be introduced in other cities. Presently, the models like 2017 Audi A4, A4 Allroad and Q7 come incorporating this tech. These cars were built after 1st June, 2016 and come equipped with Audi Connect Prime subscription. The car’s system connects with the traffic management system through a 4G LTE data connection and receives the signal information.


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The German brand has tied up with Traffic technology Services, an information provider for connected cars. It will provide the traffic light information to the Audi cars. In this system, whenever the Audi vehicle halts at a signal, a countdown display appears on the instrument cluster informing driver he amount of time he or she has to wait until the signal turns green.

Checking the amount of time before the signal turns green, the car’s engine can be stopped at the right time, which will save precious fuel. The system is also claimed to smoothen traffic flow and reduce stress of the driver. Also, in long run this system can come combined with navigation system of the car, which will recommend the driver desired speed in an attempt to make most of the green lights.


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Audi says, it will expand the service to other cities across the US as the vehicle to Infrastructure Communication service expands. In India this service is unlikely to come in near future. But no matter what, it surely gives the automobile technologies a boost.