Audi TT Sports Car Will Be Replaced By An Electric Model – Official

Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept_

The replacement of Audi TT will be an emotional model and sit on the same price bracket as the outgoing sports car

The Audi TT compact two-door roadster has been in production since 1998 and is currently in its third generation. Based on Volkswagen Group’s A platform, the TT has been a highly recognised nameplate across the globe for its lightweight handling nature and the straight six engine.

But with the industry fast shifting towards greener mobility solutions, the TT is put under custody. At the annual general meeting, it has been confirmed that the TT sports car will be replaced by an electric model. The news revealed by Bram Schot, Audi’s chairman of the management board, did not give us many details about the successor.

The replacement for the TT will be “emotive” and it will be priced similar to the outgoing two-door sports car. Currently, the coupe version of the TT is priced at USD 44,900 (Rs. 31.25 lakh) in the United States while the range-topping TT RS costs a whopping USD 80,000 (Rs. 55.69 lakh).

Audi TT Sportback Concept_

Volkswagen Group has actively been preparing zero-emission models for commercial debut and the Ingolstadt-based brand plays a significant role in the transition stages. In all probability, the electric car replacing the TT will sit on the modular MEB architecture used in the VW ID 3.

The production ID 3 five-door hatchback will go on sale in international markets next year. The existing TT is based on Volkswagen Golf and shares several underpinnings with it. Its replacement could be shown as a conceptual study in the coming years before reaching the assembly lines.

Audi has not decided on the future of the flagship R8 mid-engined sports car yet. The TT’s successor could follow the lines of entry-level 2+2 in terms of design details while the sudden burst of acceleration given by electrified vehicles could come in handy while developing the new model. It is expected to boast good performance and handling characteristics.