Audi Recalls Over 8.5 Lakh Diesel Cars to Update Emission Software

Audi SQ7 TDI

Audi’s recall has affected around 8.5 lakh diesel cars across European markets; it’s an attempt to avoid getting caught for higher emission

German luxury car manufacturer Audi has recalled a massive number of diesel powered cars across European markets. The recall program has been initiated in order to update the emission software in this cars and to avoid the ban of diesel cars for emitting higher level of pollutants than prescribed limit.

The auto manufacturer says the recall has been issued in an attempt to maintain the future viability of the diesel engines. The affected cars include the six cylinder and eight cylinder diesel engine powered models. Also, interestingly the recall has been issued when there are calls for ban on diesel cars in several German cities over the concern about rising pollution levels.

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q5press-05.jpgVolkswagen Group is updating the emission software in the Porsche and Volkswagen cars with similar type of diesel engines as well. The move comes right after another German auto giant Mercedes-Benz recalled around 3 million diesel powered cars in Europe to update the emission software. It is clear, that both these luxury automakers are trying to save the diesel cars from the potential diesel ban looming on them.

It is not new that these auto majors have been accused of falsifying the emission data during lab tests. Last year, five German auto manufacturers – Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and Opel agreed to recall a total number of 6.30 lakh diesel powered vehicles across Europe in order to fix the emission output. These vehicles were found emitting higher level of pollutants than the prescribed limit in EU emission standards.

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2017 Audi RS5 Coupe 2Widespread usage of emission cheating software came under scanner when two years ago Volkswagen was found using this technology to cheat the lab tests in US. The German company admitted using emission cheating software in a total of 11 million vehicles worldwide that include the Audi and Porsche models too. For this, the company is facing several lawsuits and hefty fine amounts from various authorities across several countries.

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