Audi Q2 L e-tron SUV With 265 Km Range Unveiled At Shanghai Motor Show

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Audi Q2 L e-tron is 33 mm longer than the standard long wheelbase variant and it has 265 km all-electric driving range

Audi has the Chinese market as one of its most significant ones across the globe as it has a sizeable impact in garnering big volumes. Just like every other mainstream carmaker, Audi has elaborative plans for the future and it has electric mobility written all over it. The Ingolstadt-based brand has recently been taking motoring exhibitions in China seriously.

At the 2019 Shanghai Motor Show, Audi has unveiled an interesting concept called the AI:ME along with e-tron and Q2 L e-tron among others. The e-tron range has got off to a great start as the first mass production all-electric crossover from the brand has been well received globally and it is gradually entering markets.

The e-tron will be manufactured in China from 2020 onwards. On the other hand, the China-specific Q2 L e-tron carries plenty of significance as well. The Q2 L is the long wheelbase version of the regular Q2, which acts as Audi’s entry-level luxury crossover in many developed markets.

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The China-spec Q2 L e-tron though will be locally produced ahead of the e-tron at the Foshan plant this year before the first lot of deliveries beginning in the coming months. It is 33 mm longer than the regular Q2 allowing for a more spacious cabin and it uses an electric motor fitted in the front axle.

It is good enough to develop a maximum power output of 134 hp and 290 Nm. Audi claims that the 38 kWh battery pack can deliver a range of 265 km on a single charge. The Q2 L e-tron does look different to the naked eye compared to the regular model and it boasts a good looking front fascia.

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It has a different design to the grille mesh along with other subtle changes. The Q2 L e-tron and e-tron mark a new era for Audi and its local partner FAW in China. Audi has not made anything official yet on whether the Q2 L e-tron will be launched beyond Chinese borders or not.

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