Future Audi Vehicles To Adopt More Distinctive Designs

Audi H Tron Concept

Audi is in process of moving away from its current design philosophy; new models to be distinctive from each other

Audi is gearing up to adopt a new design philosophy that will make all its future cars distinctive looking from each other. This means we are about to see the brand rolling out new models with different looking front fascia compared to the brand’s current ‘Russian Doll’ design theme. However, it is not sure which model will be the first to receive the new design theme.

As the German luxury car manufacturer says, its present design language was adopted keeping eye on the Chinese market to make the Audi models easily identifiable there. Apart from China, other emerging markets were also on target where the brand wanted to make a strong presence. Now, with the automaker already established itself as a strong entity in such markets it doesn’t need to continue with the present design theme.


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Audi’s design boss Marc Lichte has said each of the brand’s cars should have their own design and be attractive to the customers for long period. New distinctive design philosophy will help the brand to achieve that target.

Audi also indicates that adoption of the new design philosophy could be seen in the company’s upcoming electric cars that will allow the designers more freedom to experiment. Thanks to the removal of the internal combustion engines, these zero emission vehicles could arrive with shorter overhangs and lower hoods.

Audi Prologue Concept

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The Audi E-Tron Quatro SUV that is due to launch next year could lead the way to bring in the fresh design theme. So far, it is clear that Audi will introduce a vry interesting and different design in its future models.

In recent past, Audi has showcased several interesting concept models that could pave way for future zero emission cars. Expect these vehicles to apply a fresh and unique design theme that will make the Audi models more attractive and stylish to the buyers across the world.

Source: Autocaruk