Audi Exported Thousands Of Duplicate VINs To Asia – Report

Audi SQ7 TDI

Audi reportedly exported a large number of duplicate VINs to China, South Korea and Japan

It seems, Volkswagen AG owned German luxury car manufacturer Audi is involved another scam of exporting thousands of duplicate VINs to several Asian markets. German publication Handelsblatt reports that during a raid of Audi’s corporate offices in Germany it has been discovered by German prosecutors that the automakers have been exporting these vehicles with duplicate VINs. The markets where such vehicles have been shipped include China, South Korea and Japan.

A VIN is an unique 17 digit identification number stamped onto every vehicle that helps in tracking the vehicle during its lifespan. The German law requires a vehicle to have an unique VIN that remain exclusive to that particular vehicle for at least 30 years.

Audi Q7 Design Edition and A6 Design Edition Interior 2

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While the investigators have discovered documents revealing the matter, Audi says the brand is not aware of the fact that same VINs have been issued more than once. So far, it looks like Audi is about face another investigation alongside the one for the Dieselgate scam. However, the allegation of this irregularity is based only on paperwork and there is no news that prosecutors have found duplicate VIN vehicles.

The German luxury automaker is already facing several lawsuits in several countries across the world due to the Dieselgate scam, as it used the emission cheating software to cheat the emission tests. The company has been slapped with hefty amount of fine in several countries. Two months back, Audi was accused of cheating emission regulations on the diesel powered A7 and A8 models. Now, it is to be seen if new investigation begins to find the truth behind the duplicate VINs.

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No matter what, the matter of exporting thousands of duplicate VINs could affect Audi brand image once again after the Dieselgate scam. The automaker sells a range of models in the Indian market and it is not sure, it has shipped the vehicles with duplicate VINs in here too.

Source: Handelsblatt