Audi Has Aggressive Strategy To Sell 8 Lakh EVs And PHEVs By 2025


By 2025, Audi expects to launch 20 zero-emission models globally and in the same year introduce electrified variants of each of its existing model

Just like any other global manufacturer, Audi has huge investment lined up for an electrified future while setting new targets through the transformation phase. The German brand has intention to sell as much as 8,00,000 pure electric and plu-in hybrid vehicles by the middle of next decade.

The global strategy is bold to say the least and the first vehicle adhering to the vision is the e-tron crossover, which will be launched in 2019. Currently, in its development stage, it is one of the most eagerly anticipated vehicles from Audi and it will set the tone for EVs to come in the near future.

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By the end of this decade, Audi will be introducing the Sportback version of the e-tron before the arrival of the performance-based GT version developed by Audi Sport. The e-tron series will kick start a new trend for Audi before expanding the electric fleet into emerging markets as well.

Moreover, a luxury compact segment based model is also on the cards for 2020. Considering the growth of the luxury space in India, Audi could pounce ahead of its rivals and bring in its e-tron range for sale, but we will have to wait a while to get a clear confirmation of its local plans.

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Audi e-tron prototype

By 2025, Audi is projected to have launched as much as 20 zero-emission models globally. In the same year, every Audi vehicle will have had an electrified variant and approximately one-third of its sales are believed to be contributed by electric vehicles.

Majority of the electrified Audis will be built on the Volkswagen Group’s Modular Electric Toolkit platform while a new flexible architecture developed along with Porsche for mid- and full-size luxury EVs is also in the works. Right in time for the 50th anniversary of Vorsprung durch Technik in 2021, Audi will also present its maiden autonomous EV based on Audi Aicon show car.