Audi Confirms Abandoning Ducati Sales Plans

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Ducati will continue to be part of Audi family as lucrative profits from the motorcycle maker and stable finances of VW Group are enough to keep the ball rolling

German luxury manufacturer, Audi, has given up plans to sell its motorcycle brand Ducati. Confirmed by its Chief Executive Rupert Stadler, it comes as a result of the strategic realignment which fuelled the sales in the first place several months ago. Volkswagen Group has been cutting costs of late by quitting its presence in top-line motorsport series, on the back of penalties and compensations levied due to the outbreak of diesel gate.

Also, profound ties with Porsche have given the financial freedom it needed according to Stadler. Rumours of Ducati being put up for sale have been floating around the internet for a few months with Indian conglomerates like Bajaj and Royal Enfield said to be in firm contention. However, Stadler said since the finances are stable the Ducati brand is not going anywhere.

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He admitted that VW asked banks to evaluate the selling process of Ducati and transmission producer Renk earlier in the year. Volkswagen is on a transformation phase – as like other global automakers it is investing vast sum on the technologies related to self-driving and electric vehicles amidst shelling out money to compensate for emission cheating scandal.

Stadler assured that “Ducati belongs to the Audi family” and is obviously one of the biggest premium motorcycle brands in terms of sales as well as popularity. The sales plans stalled in summer when VW’s labour unions opposed the intention and logic behind Ducati being ousted out of the group. However, investors and potential buyers expect VW to have a change in mindset eventually.

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2018 Ducati Multistrada 1260 S D-AirAudi reported higher profit and revenue in the first nine months of the year, aided by the good reception of Ducati and Lamborghini brands in European as well as American countries. Stadler further said, while the strategy shift towards e-mobility is important, it is essential to hold on to the profits repeatedly earned by Ducati and Lamborghini.
Source: Reuters