Ather Rizta Family Electric Scooter Takes Water Wading Test: New Details


Scheduled for a debut on April 6, the Ather Rizta family electric scooter takes a 400mm deep water wading test in the latest teaser

Ather Energy is ready to debut its first family-oriented electric scooter in the Indian market. Dubbed Rizta, the e-scooter is scheduled for official unveil at the Ather Community Day on April 6. While Ather has revealed a lot of details about its upcoming electric scooter, the latest video shared by the company highlights the battery pack’s IP67 rating as the Rizta wades through 400mm deep water. In addition to this, a few new details have been revealed in the teaser video.

The Bengaluru-based start-up has been quite proactive in the marketing activities of the upcoming Rizta. The latest video released by the brand shows the fully camouflaged Rizta going through a 400mm deep water trench without breaking a sweat. This highlights the IP67 rating for the battery pack, electric motor as well as other major electric components of the Rizta.

Moreover, we can also spot the digital instrument cluster of the Rizta electric scooter and it appears quite similar to the unit on the Ather 450X. While the details have been blurred out in the video, we can easily make out a few details of the speedometer.


This means that, in addition to the battery pack, the fully digital instrument cluster will be borrowed from the 450X. We can expect features such as smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth, navigation and music along with other necessary features.

Previously, Ather dropped the battery pack of the Rizta from a height of 40 feet and it came out without any visible damage. The Ather Rizta is targeted at more sophisticated customers who are looking for a practical electric scooter rather than performance-centric buyers.

This family-friendly electric scooter will sport a larger footprint and a more mature design language, thereby making it an appealing package for urban customers. Ather is also claiming big on space and practicality with the Rizta as suggested by a video shared earlier by the company’s CEO, comparing the seat size of the upcoming e-scooter with segment leaders.