Aprilia Racing Introduces MotoGP Augmented Reality Helmet


This futuristic helmet can prove beneficial even when the bike is not around

Aprilia Racing has recently announced an augmented reality helmet for MotoGP. The helmet will be used by mechanics in the esteemed world racing format. For this purpose, Aprilia has joined hands with two firms namely DAQRI and Realmore. While DAQRI will be responsible for making the hardware of helmet, Realmore will take care of the software department. The Augmented Helmet by Aprilia will help its mechanics in the pit stop visualize and share important information.

The key area where Aprilia Racing sees Augmented Reality helmets becoming beneficial is when mechanics will work on a motorcycle. While doing this, they will be able to visualize information and telemetry data in real time with the help of a thermal camera.


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For instance, if a mechanic looks at the disc brake of the motorcycle, then he will be able to see information like the installment date of the disc brake, the number of sessions it has gone through and a lot more. Not only this, he will also be able to see if any notes have been made on the disc brake in past or not.

And this is not where the benefits of this helmet come to an end. The Aprilia Augmented helmet can also be used in case when the motorcycle is not present nearby. This can actually help the team to make strategies and set notes for the bike. Also, the team can set telemetry data for later use. Visually, this helmet looks like any other helmet. The only difference being, the Aprilia Augmented helmet comes with a half face glass on which the information is projected.


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The introduction of this new futuristic Aprilia Augmented helmet will indeed enhance the way how mechanics work in the pit lane. However, only time will tell when this technology will actually come into working and it will be interesting to see if it gets implemented by other teams as well.

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