Apple’s First Ever Electric Car Is In The Development

Apple autonomous car 2

Apple will reportedly commence production of its first ever passenger car carrying an electric powertrain in 2024

The speculations surrounding a passenger car from Apple have long existed and according to a recent report emerged on the internet, it will more likely become a reality in 2024. It is said to boast of next level battery technology and whether it will be solely built by the American company or act as a technology partner or join hands with a big automotive giant or not is yet unknown.

The production of the Apple car that could be called the iCar will commence in 2024. The report further stated that it will be a mass produced vehicle for personal mobility as opposed to a CV or a robo-driven taxi. Internally codenamed Project Titan, the plans for an automobile from Apple have been subjected to argument for long since it began six years ago.

The rumoured were fuelled by Apple hiring some top notch executives and engineers form the automotive industry who have worked in various departments and disciplines. Recently, Alexander Hitzinger left to Volkswagen Group to lead his own Project Artemis and Apple also have ex-personnel of Tesla and Porsche. Apple is said to be reaching out to sensor companies for integrating driver assistive baed technologies into its first vehicle.

Apple autonomous car

Due to the global health crisis, the launch date of the Apple iCar could be pushed to 2025. Apple was reportedly convening with Magna to build its electric vehicle as it already has a dedicated EV architecture. However, the outcome of the talks is concealed to the public. Foxconn announced its desire to step into the car business with the unveiling of its EV platform recently as well.

It is worth noting that the Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturer is a long time partner of Apple. The technology and the state of the batteries and their chemistries are not divulged yet but the iCar will have Apple’s monocell design for the battery packs as it combines individual cells in each battery and does not have modules.

This could lead to cramming of higher capacity batteries within a smaller space. It will interesting to see the advancements Apple makes in its purported iCar and whether it will stir up a revolution or not has to be waited and seen.

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