Apple Maps Upgraded In iOS15 With 3D Navigation & AR Features

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The augmented reality-based directions will initially be available in select cities later this year; 3D elevation maps and landmarks announced

A couple of days ago, Apple revealed during the annual World Wide Developer Conference, where macOS Monterey and iOS 15 were announced, that the popular Maps feature is getting a major overhaul with the inclusion of 3D elevation maps, 3D rendered landmarks, crosswalks, bike lanes and so on to give an intuitive experience to the users.

Taking cues from Google Maps, Apple will include a new mode that helps you to scan nearby buildings through camera for more precisely orienting the smartphone. This will help in figuring out which direction you are supposed to go during the start of a walk. More importantly, the Apple Maps will bring in three-dimensional features as well as augmented reality-based features.

The major upgrade to Apple Maps is part of the new iOS 15 as users can experience cities with greater detailing of the elevation, commercial districts, neighbourhoods, new road labels and so on. A new nighttime mode with a moonlit glow for Maps will also be introduced. Accessing iOS 15 through iPhone or Apple CarPlay gains features like 3D landmarks and direction.

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This will address many parameters and aid the user in deciding which way to go more precisely like where to take a turn and where the crossings and medians are available. Another key addition is the ability to announce incoming messages through Siri and augmented reality-based directions will only be present in select cities.

The AR feature will be available towards the later stages of this year in cities like London, LA, New York, Philadephia, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington DC. The upgrades Apple Maps will aid in finding nearby stations and pin favourite line for the public transport user. It will also follow a selected transit route and remind them when to leave.

For better convenience, it can be assessed through Apple Watch. Apple follows four pillars with the upcoming iOS 15 like staying connected, finding focus, using intelligence and exploring the world, and it will be rolled into public beta in July with a full release around September or October. India may get access to these features at a later date.