Apple Will Launch This Much Awaited Feature For CarPlay Today

apple carplay google maps

With the introduction of the iOS 12, Apple CarPlay will support Google Maps, Waze, and other third party apps

Apple will roll out the iOS 12 mobile operating system today. With the introduction of the new version, Apple CarPlay will get a really important update. It will no longer force you to use the not-so-accurate Apple Maps for directions. Instead, you’ll be able to use third-party app, like Google Maps, Waze, or any other navigation app you want.

CarPlay already offers support for third-party apps like Wynk. However, till now, the only mapping app it has supported is the one from Apple. It has been another classic case of the company forcing its customers to use its own app.

Unfortunately, the Apple Maps app isn’t too accurate and hence, isn’t loved by many. While the app has really improved a lot in the recent times, it’s still not anywhere as accurate or user friendly as Google Maps.

Finally, though, Apple will now let the users of CarPlay choose which app they want to use on the CarPlay. This is sure to enhance the user experience of CarPlay by a good margin. Google Maps is by far the most loved mapping application.


For the uninitiated, CarPlay is the company’s in-car infotainment interface for iOS users. In many new cars, like the Maruti Ciaz and Mahindra Marazzo, the infotainment unit comes with support for Apple CarPlay. You can simply connect your phone to the infotainment unit and have your phone’s version of the CarPlay run on the infotainment display.

We are really happy that Apple has finally heard the feedback of thousands of CarPlay users, who had to either use the Google Maps app on their phone or had to face inconvenience by using the not-so-accurate Apple Maps app. We are sure the latest development will go a long in enhancing the user experience of iOS device owners.