Apple In Conversation With Toyota Over Its First Electric Car – Report

Apple iCar ProMax
Rendering, source: Kleber Silva

Apple Car could be mass-produced as early as 2024 and the American brand is said to be convening with Asian suppliers and carmakers

Amidst the global semiconductor shortage, Apple is said to be visiting Asian suppliers and car manufacturers ahead of its preparation for the production of its first passenger car by 2024. Commonly known as the Apple Car, it will be mass-produced and brands like Toyota Motor Corporation are being approached by the American tech giant.

According to Digitimes Asia, Apple is in the process of laying a supplier groundwork to roll out its first car in three years’ time. It further noted that the representatives of the company convened with SK Group based out of South Korea and LG Electronics in August 2021 to talk about the development of the Apple Car.

The conversations were focused on how the Apple Car could be manufactured amidst the chip shortage experienced all around the globe. It has been also said that there are problems related to unspecified components as well. Just a while ago, the Korea Times reported that Apple was in talks with Korea-based brands related to automotive parts and associated systems.

Apple iCar ProMax-2

Earlier this year, speculations surfaced on the internet indicated that Apple and Hyundai could manufacture a self-driving vehicle as early as 2024 in the United States. While a host of the claims were denied previously, there could be something brewing under the curtain. It has also been reported that LG Magna e-Powertrain is the favourite to supply the electric powertrain.

It is no secret that Apple will go down the EV route as several multi-national tech giants are exploring ways to step into the passenger car market. With traditional manufacturers currently in the transition towards electric mobility solutions and most of them have publicly laid down their plains to go eco-friendly, the start-up and electronic biggest are taking the same path.

In the coming years, we are ought to witness a big revolution in the EV industry as new technologies and assistive systems will pile in. However, only the entities who take advantage of the situation and be consistent with innovations could be destined for success.