Apple To Release Google Maps For Apple CarPlay Next Month

apple carplay google maps

iOS 12 to have Google Maps access in Apple CarPlay for increased user interface and better navigation experience

Just last week, Apple Inc. became the first trillion dollar company in the world courtesy of the rise in share price. The company co-founded to sell personal computers by the late great Steve Jobs in 1976, achieved this historic landmark evaluation by hitting $207.05 shares, just a day after registering healthy financial outcome.

The iMac and iPhone maker grew by four-fold to be valued at one billion and this meant the stock market value is more than one third the size of UK’s economy and in fact larger than Switzerland and Turkey. Apple will also be making key moves in the market and some aimed at increasing the in-car connectivity and convenience of customers using CarPlay.

In the iOS 12, the American brand will allow navigation applications to work with CarPlay and that includes the popular Google Maps and Waze. The announcement was made during the annual WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) held in early June 2018 at San Jose in California. In the midst of 6,000 attendants, it is one of the most useful feature announcements presented in the keynote.

Ever since introducing CarPlay quite a while ago, Apple has restricted all navigation applications barring Apple Maps from working with the technology. This prompted users to have an alternative app like Waze, TomTom or Google Maps through a phone mount instead of the highly useful CarPlay.

apple carplay google maps

From later this year, Apple CarPlay will allow for navigation from any third-party application. Mapping has been another case of Apple locking everyone to use its own service, but Apple Maps is not much adored by many despite improving over time and it lacks additional information provided by other popular apps.

Enabling users to choose third-party apps like Google Maps independently will actually make the CarPlay experience much better. Since automakers are not as good as phone designers in terms of software interface, ability to have more access to third party apps like Google Maps is a cherry on the cake.