Anand Mahindra Hints At Launching Jawa Motorcycles Soon In India


Jawa’s first motorcycle on its return is expected to be based on Mahindra Mojo’s 300 cc engine platform

Jawa Motorcycles had phenomenal road presence and distinctive character when they were on sale in India several decades ago. The Czechoslovakian brand was introduced in the domestic market in 1950 under Ideal Jawa India Limited and was based in Mysore with production starting in early 1960s.

Since Jawa completely pulled the plugs on local sales in mid 1990s, enthusiasts and vintage collectors alike wondered if the firm could ever make a comeback. Luckily, Mahindra’s acquisition of controlling stakes in Classic Legends last year reinstated the hopes of Jawa’s second coming. M&M currently holds brand license agreement of Jawa and it will be used for the Indian market, while BSA’s global appeal will restrict it to just international markets.

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Ever since taking over the control, Anand Mahindra has been vocal about Jawa and Yezdi bikes’  rich history and in a recent tweet hinted at “imminent resurrection”.  Jawa created several iconic models during its over three decade run including Yezdi 250 ‘B’ Type, Yezdi 250 Monarch and Jawa 350 type 634 Twin.

With Mahindra’s two-wheeler sales plunging and the industry waiting for a long time to get a prominent Royal Enfield rival, Jawa’s imminent arrival could prove to the perfect answer. Back then, Jawa’s retro appeal was undeniable and it will be revived to likely compete directly against the best-selling Royal Enfield motorcycles.

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Jawa-660-Vintage-Red.jpgThe new Jawa motorcycles will be locally manufactured in India at Mahindra’s Pithampur facility in Madhya Pradesh and rest assured, we can expect the old school charm to continue with technologies and safety standards sticking by upcoming government mandates.

The upcoming range of Jawa bikes is more likely to share the 300 cc engine platform with Mahindra Mojo tourer and it could be altered based on the brand’s needs. It points the finger at availability of liquid cooling and fuel injection technologies. The existing platform will reduce the development and production time as Mahindra will be aiming to price the Jawa bikes aggressively in the market.

Jawa’s global fleet has bikes of up to 650 cc capacity and we can safely assume that 300-350 cc range will be targetted as Royal Enfield enjoys a major success there. Mahindra has not made anything official regarding the timeframe for the re-entry of Jawa motorcycles yet in India.