American EV Maker Triton To Enter The Indian Market With N4 Sedan

Triton N4 EV sketch front angle

Triton has stated that it’s aiming for a starting price of Rs. 35 lakh for its first EV in the Indian market, the N4 sedan

US-based Triton Electric Vehicle recently announced its plan to enter the Indian market, with its first product being the N4 sedan. The company will be targeting a starting price of Rs. 35 lakh for its maiden product in our market. The EV will be available in four different variants, namely N4, N4-S, N4-R, and a limited-edition N4 GT.

The production of the Triton N4 GT will be limited to just 100 units, the company stated. The powertrain of the N4 will get two battery options – 75 kWh and 100 kWh – capable of delivering a driving range of up to 523 km and 693 km, respectively.

The company has termed India as one of the top three markets, and has plans for a strong expansion here. The plans include setting up a local manufacturing unit, while also developing a strong customer base in the country. In order to be successful, Triton will have to build a strong brand, as it is a relatively unknown name at the moment.

Triton N4 EV sketch rear angle

The company is already in talks with Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) for a potential joint venture to manufacture batteries, electronic and mechanical components, etc. If the negotiations are successful, Triton could have a potential winner on its hands, as local manufacturing will allow the brand to hit its target starting price for the N4.

Himanshu B Patel, Founder and CEO of Triton Electric Vehicle, was quoted saying: “As we are heading towards a new era of commitment towards our environment, EVs are going to make a definitive contribution in building a future-ready society. We aim to make our sincere contribution towards ensuring a future-ready society with environmentally friendly clean energy practices.”

Triton isn’t the only US-based EV manufacturer planning on entering the Indian market. Tesla has been planning that too, for a few years now, and the company is expected to begin operations in India this year. That said, the two won’t be direct rivals, as Triton N4’s pricing is set to undercut that of the Tesla’ most affordable offering, the Model 3 (Rs. 55-60 lakh, expected) by a huge margin.