All-New Toyota Prius PHEV Debuts With 30+ Kmpl Mileage

2023 toyota prius

Toyota Prius PHEV has a maximum system output of 223 PS and is claimed to offer a high fuel economy of 30.1 kmpl with the 17-inch wheels

Toyota Motor Corporation has launched the new Prius PHEV today in Japan with a price of 4,600,000 JPY (Rs. 27.88 lakh approximately). It is available in the Z trim and its commercial sales will begin on March 15. It follows the launch of the Prius Hybrid earlier this year. It is equipped with the latest plug-in hybrid system.

It combines a high-capacity drive battery, a high-output drive motor, and a high-efficiency petrol engine according to the brand. The new Prius PHEV has a maximum system output of 223 PS and is claimed to offer a high fuel economy of 26 kmpl with the 19-inch tyres and 30.1 kmpl with the 17-inchers. The EV-only claimed driving distance is 87 km with 19-inch rubber and 105 km with 17-inch ones (frugal by 75 per cent compared to the old model).

The latest fifth-gen hybrid tech features a newly developed 2.0-litre Plug-in hybrid system and it helps in accelerating from zero to 100 kmph in just 6.7 seconds. It is equipped with Regeneration Boost, which is useful on hilly sections where regular switching between acceleration and braking is required.

2023 toyota prius 1

On longer drives, the engine supplements battery power to serve as a hybrid electric vehicle for ensuring the cruising range needed to tackle long distances. The combination of motor and engine also delivers the ‘powerful yet comfortable driving performance unique to PHEV vehicles’ from the get-go according to Toyota.

The unique PHEV external power supply mode enables the new Prius PHEV battery to provide power during outdoor, leisure and other activities and there is also an external emergency power supply mode. The exterior of the Toyota Prius PHEV is the same as the regular HEV subtle differences and new colour schemes have been provided.

2023 toyota prius 2

It features a set of 19-inch aluminium wheels exclusively and a metallic silver lower grille and smoked-out grey tail lamps. Other highlights include a “My Room Mode” that lets users enjoy AC and audio systems from the external power source by turning the power switch on during normal charging conditions. This will turn the car interior into an additional room that can be used for teleworking, rest and other activities.