All-New Honda Scooter Launching Soon – What We Know So Far


Discover what we know so far about the upcoming sporty Honda scooter, ranging from its sporty design, premium features, grunty powertrain, etc.

Honda is gearing up to unveil an exciting new sporty scooter, generating anticipation among enthusiasts. The Japanese automaker has released a few teasers for it too, giving us hints about what to expect, from design to the features and exhaust note. In all honesty, the details do seem extremely interesting!

Here’s a breakdown of what we know about this upcoming model, presented in a convenient listicle format.

1. Design

Teasers reveal a sporty aesthetic with dual-tone blue and grey bodywork, complemented by yellow accents and carbon-fibre finishes. It also shows honeycomb-style graphics, which add to the overall sporty appeal. The overall design seems quite similar to the Dio, but we’re not sure if this new model will be a more powerful version of the Dio or a completely new scooter.

Honda Dio 125 1

2. Powertrain Speculation

This upcoming Honda scooter will likely be powered by a 125cc single-cylinder engine, paired with a CVT. We’ve already seen this combo on the Activa 125 and Grazia 125. The teaser video highlights a throaty exhaust note, hinting at the scooter’s performance-oriented nature. Also, there’s speculation that Honda might surprise us with a larger engine, possibly in the 150-160cc range. Well, that would certainly be interesting! We’ll have to wait for the launch to confirm this.

Honda Dio 125

3. Console and Technology

Honda’s upcoming scoot will get a fully-digital instrument console, which will consist of a speedometer, tachometer (a unique feature for scooters), fuel gauge, clock, side stand indicator, and all the telltale lights we expect from a scooter. We’re not sure if it will get Bluetooth connectivity, but it seems highly likely, especially considering how competitive this market space has become lately!


4. Market Focus

Guessing from the design glimpses from the teasers, we expect Honda to target young, performance-hungry, enthusiastic buyers with this forthcoming scooter. As such, it will sport a premium price tag, likely making this the new flagship scooter in the Japanese manufacturer’s range.

5. Launch Date and Expectations

Honda has not yet announced the official launch date, so the anticipation continues to build among scooter enthusiasts. That said, guessing from the teasers, we expect the newcomer to go on sale very soon, likely in the coming weeks. Considering price sensitivity in the Indian market, it is likely that the scooter will be tailored specifically for local preferences.