All-Electric Mini Confirmed for Production in 2019


Mini EV will be produced at BMW’s UK plant, powertrain to be made by the group’s e-mobility centre

British luxury car manufacturer Mini is all set to start producing its all-electric vehicle in 2019. The EV will be manufactured at BMW Group’s UK production plant and its electric powertrain will be developed at the automobile group’s e-mobility centre at the Dingolfing and Landshut in Germany.

BMW group is currently focusing on electrifying the cars across different brands. Christened as the “NUMBER ONE > Next”, this strategy includes both the plug-in hybrid models and the fully electric powered vehicles as well. The company has confirmed it will bring the electric cars in global markets from 2020 and beyond. For that, BMW is working on new architecture as well. The Mini electric car is part of that bigger strategy.


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Back in 2008, the Mini E started trials and the learning from that was implemented in the BMW i3 and i8 models. Now, with the Mini three-door model ready to receive an all-electric powertrain, this would make way for more EVs from the automobile group. Also, this electric powertrain is going to be the fourth powertrain option for the Mini, as it also gets plug-in hybrid options alongside the petrol, diesel internal combustion engines.

The German automobile group hopes electric vehicles will contribute around 15%-25% of its total sales in the next decade. Speaking about our home market, India is likely to play a significant role for the brand considering factors like the domestic buyers are showing interest toward buying premium cars and Indian government is pushing forward to introduce all-electric mobility across the country by 2030.


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Apart from this, BMW has also confirmed that it will launch the all-electric X3 SUV in 2021. The group has invested more than 100 million Euros at in its Dingolfing plant for developing electric powertrain and relevant technologies for the future EVs. Also, it has created the ‘i’ division for manufacturing and selling the environment friendly cars like i3, i8.

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