Airplane Crash Lands On An Indian’s Tesla, Driver Totally Unhurt

tesla model x plane crash 2

Oniel Karup, an American of Indian origin, was in for a nasty surprise when a light aircraft crash landed on his Tesla Model X SUV

We have seen some really shocking and scary car crashes but this one totally takes the cake. Last week, OnielKarup, an American of Indian origin, was driving his Tesla Model X SUV down Voss Road in Sugar Land, Texas. Shockingly, his SUV, along with many other cars on the road, was hit by a Cessna light aircraft that crash landed onto them.

Other than Oniel, who was driving the Tesla Model X, the electric SUV was carrying his son Aarav. Luckily, both the occupants of the vehicle escaped totally unhurt. An officer of the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), who was aboard the Cessna, sustained some injuries in the crash.

In a Facebook post, OnielKarup shared the information of this totally unfortunate incident. He wrote – “Many saw this on the news just now. And I’m getting calls with concerns about our safety. Want to let all my friends and family know that Aarav and I are completely fine. GOD and this CAR truly saved us today.

Not a scratch on us. No one believed me when I called them to let them know a plane crashed into me.” Karup states that on calling Tesla to tell them about the crash, the teleoperator thought of the call as a prank. In fact, Karup’s wife couldn’t help but laugh on hearing about the incident.

tesla model x plane crash

The crash was caused by some mechanical issues faced by the Cessna light aircraft of DEA. Karup’s story goes on to show the safety of Tesla’s electric SUV. The very thought of a similar crash involving an Indian car sends shivers down the spine.

Elon Musk, the bossman at Tesla, came to know about this incident through social media. All he could tweet about it is – “Wow, glad they’re ok!” Even we can’t stop marveling at the safety provided by the electric SUV.