Aggrieved Royal Enfield Pegasus 500 Owner Throws Away Bike In Garbage

Aggrieved Royal Enfield Pegasus 500 Owner Throws Away Bike In Garbage

A Royal Enfield Pegasus 500 owner threw away his motorcycle in garbage as he felt the company has cheated him by launching the cheaper Signals edition

Recently, we reported that the owners of the rather expensive Royal Enfield Pegasus 500 aren’t happy about the launch of a similar looking Signals edition that is much cheaper than the Pegasus. In a protest to the launch of the Royal Enfield Classic Signals 350, the aggrieved owners threatened to donate their motorcycles to the Municipality Corporation.

Now, it has come to light that one of the 250 owners of the Pegasus has actually thrown his bike into garbage! A post on social media reads – “Pegasus owner Dheeraj Jarua goes and throws his bike in garbage dump… Says that this bike is just like useless trash to us after the launch of Signals.” A few days ago, a spokesperson of Royal Enfield did offer an explanation, which reads:


Royal Enfield Pegasus 500 owners are surprised that the company charged them a premium of Rs 32,000 for a saddle kit and some minor cosmetic changes. On the other hand, the customers of the Signals 350 are being charged only Rs 14,000 higher than the regular Classic 350 but are getting a dual channel ABS system in return.

Also, owners of the Pegasus 500 are amused that Royal Enfield charged a lot for a motorcycle that pays homage to the British Army and on the other hand, the Signals 350, which pays homage to the Indian Army, is much cheaper. Also, Royal Enfield dealerships have reportedly called up people who couldn’t get themselves a Pegasus owing to the limited stock of 250 units. These people have been offered a test ride on the pretext that the Signals ‘looks exactly like the Pegasus’.

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The owners of the Royal Enfield Pegasus 500 feel that Royal Enfield came up with the Signals 350 after seeing a huge demand for the Pegasus 500. However, the Pegasus 500 loses its value as the Signals 350 is much cheaper and looks exactly the same.

Earlier, Royal Enfield launched the Sleet edition of the Royal Enfield Himalayan. The Sleet was a limited-run model but after the huge popularity, it was made a regular variant. Doing so irritated the owners of the initial lot as their motorcycles lost their exclusivity factor.