After V12, Bajaj V15 Discontinued In India Owing To Poor Sales

The recently implemented safety norms and the drop in the overall V15 sales figures are perhaps the major reasons behind this decision

Bajaj has stopped the production of their once popular V15 and discontinued the model in India reportedly. Although Bajaj has not yet provided any official reason behind this move, few reports online state that they have discontinued the model due to more strict safety norms that were implemented from April 1st 2019.

The new safety norms that were enforced from April stated that all the two-wheelers above 125cc has to be equipped with the compulsory ABS safety feature. This also meant that the Bajaj V15 needed at least a single channel ABS safety system in order to be on sale legally in the country.

During the time of the launch, Bajaj has priced the V15 quite aggressively in order to attract the attention of the buyers. In fact, the Rs. 66,739, ex-showroom price tag was on par with some of the other premium 125cc rivals which was the main USP of the motorcycle. However, if Bajaj would have equipped the motorcycle with a single channel ABS safety feature the price of the motorcycle would have gone up by at least by rupees 7,000 thousand.

bajaj v15 vikrant 15 ocean blue colour

As a result, the motorcycle would definitely have lost the aggressive pricing game. Besides the ABS factor, one of the other major reasons for Bajaj to discontinue the V15 from Indian market could be its poor sales figures. Bajaj only sold 100 units of the V15 in the month of March 2019 compared to 3,631 units sold during the same time last year witnessing a massive 97 per cent drop.

That said, before discontinuing the V15 Bajaj has already discontinued the V12 from the Indian market as well. However, there is a fair chance that they might relaunch the V12 in India once again with the mandatory CBS feature. CBS is less expensive compared to the ABS safety feature.

Bajaj V15 Cocktail Wine Red

Bajaj calls their CBS the anti-skid braking system but the systems working principle is same as any CBS feature found on other motorcycles. Like we already mentioned above, Bajaj has still not made any official announcement about the axing of the V15 model yet but they might release an official statement soon.