7 Upcoming EVs In India In 2022 – Tesla Model 3 To Tata Altroz EV

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Here, we have a list of seven highly anticipated EVs that are expected to launch in India, some very soon and others in the coming years

The automobile industry is slowly but steadily moving towards an electric future. In India, the change is much slower, but we expect to see plenty of action in the EV space in the coming years. A few existing carmakers are developing new EVs for the Indian market, while a few others are planning to bring in their international models.

Below, we have listed seven upcoming electric vehicles, for which the anticipation is extremely high in the Indian market.

1. Tesla Model 3

American EV manufacturer Tesla is planning to enter the Indian car market soon, and it has been road testing the Model 3 in our country. Tesla Model 3 is the most affordable car in the brand’s international lineup, although reports suggest that the manufacturer is facing problems in India due to the low ground clearance of the car.

2021 Tesla Model 3 feature

The Model 3 is available in Standard Range Plus, Long Range, and Long Range Performance variants internationally, with battery sizes ranging from 54 kWh to 82 kWh. We’re not sure which variants will make their way to the Indian market though.

2. Tesla Model Y

Tesla has also been road testing the Model Y on Indian roads. Being a crossover SUV, Tesla Model Y is likely to be more popular among Indian buyers, and it has better ground clearance than the Model 3! Also, one can choose between 5-seat and 7-seat configurations, making it extremely practical.

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The Model Y is also available in three variants – Standard Range, Long Range, and Long Range Performance – with battery packs ranging from 60 kWh to 80 kWh (estimated battery sizes). No further info is available at the moment, and we’d have to wait and see which variants are set to launch in India.

3. Tata Altroz EV

Tata Motors has an extremely aggressive launch plan for electric vehicles in the Indian market. The brand currently has two passenger EVs in its range – Nexon EV and Tigor EV – and it will add an electric version of the Altroz to its range soon, likely next year.

altroz ev auto expo-2

The Altroz EV will utilise the brand’s Ziptron platform, and as per speculations, it will get a larger battery pack than the Nexon EV, which could offer a maximum driving range of around 500 km. The figure seems too optimistic though, and we’d have to wait for more info to emerge before we can comment further.

4. Tata Punch EV

Tata’s upcoming micro-SUV, the Punch, is all set to be unveiled in the coming days. The anticipation for it is quite high, and even before its petrol version goes on sale, the interweb is already buzzing with speculations about its electric version.

Tata HBX Electric-1
Rendering, source: Electric Vehicle Web

The Punch is underpinned by Tata’s ALFA platform, the same as the Altroz. As such, the platform is ready for an electric powertrain option. It will likely have a smaller battery and electric motor than the Altroz EV, but the Punch EV will also be more affordable.

5. Mahindra eKUV100

Mahindra & Mahindra is also working on a slew of new EVs for the Indian market. The first of these upcoming electric cars will be the eKUV100, which was previewed back at the 2020 Auto Expo. It will likely be powered by a 15.9 kWh battery, which will provide a driving range of up to 150 km.

Mahindra eKUV 100 Launched

Mahindra eKUV100 is expected to be priced from Rs. 9 lakh onwards (ex-showroom), which would make it the most affordable electric vehicle in the Indian market. It is speculated to launch sometime during the first half of 2022.

6. Mahindra eXUV300

Apart from the eKUV100, M&M is also working on an electric version of the XUV300. Dubbed eXUV300, the electric SUV was showcased at the 2020 Auto Expo in concept form. It will be the first of Mahindra’s next-gen EVs, offering a powerful but cost-effective electric powertrain.

Mahindra eXUV300 Concept

Mahindra eXUV300 is slated to launch in India during 2023, as the manufacturer believes that the passenger EV market will take a few years to mature. The battery/motor specifications are a mystery at the moment, but we expect the vehicle to offer a 300+ km driving range.

7. Hyundai’s upcoming low-cost EV

Hyundai has confirmed that it is developing a new affordable EV specifically for India. This new electric car is expected to be a compact crossover, as the popularity of SUVs and crossover SUVs is quite high among buyers in our market.

Hyundai To Launch Tata Nexon EV Rival Electric Venue

This upcoming Hyundai EV is expected to be powered by a relatively small battery and electric motor, to keep the prices low. The driving range won’t be too high, but for urban commutes, it would be enough. Its launch is expected to happen in 2024, so we’ll have to wait a lot for more info to be available.