6 Most Affordable ADAS Cars In India – Astor To XUV700

Mahindra XUV700 ADAS auto emergency brakes

ADAS is gaining traction as an essential safety feature in India; Honda City is the least expensive car to get ADAS in India at just under 15 lakhs

The Indian car market has undergone several developments over the past few years, and newer cars are safer than ever. ADAS (Advanced driver assistance) is a new-age technology that assists the driver in emergency situations through various active and passive safety tech. Vehicles with ADAS have the ability to sense their environment and quickly make decisions for the driver in case a car is on the brink of an accident.

1. MG Astor

MG Astor pics-6

The MG Astor is one of the cheapest cars in India with ADAS. Its Sharp variant is the starting trim that is equipped with ADAS tech and is priced at Rs 14.66 Lakh. The Savvy variant, however, is priced more at Rs 16.90 lakh and is equipped with all ADAS level 2 features such as emergency braking, lane keep assist, and adaptive cruise control.

2. Hyundai Verna


The Hyundai Verna was just updated with RDE-compilant engine options and an all new feature list. The sedan is loaded to the brim not only with convenience features, but also with safety technology such as ADAS level 2. The ADAS equipped trim is SX(O) which starts from Rs 14.66 lakhs and goes all the way up to Rs 17.38 lakhs depending on the engine-gearbox option. However, only the CVT and turbo petrol trims get the option of ADAS.

3. Honda City facelift

2023 honda city facelift-5

Right after the Hyundai Verna, comes its arch rival the Honda City. While only the hybrid version of the City used to get ADAS, the new RDE-compilant City facelift is also furnished with ADAS. ADAS comes in its most value for money ‘V’ variant in the form of the Honda ‘Sensing’ Suite and comes at Rs 12.37 lakhs. Along with this, the car comes with 4 airbags, ESP, HSA, and rear camera as standard!

4. Mahindra XUV700

mahindra xuv700 pics-3146

Continuing this list is the flagship XUV700 SUV from Mahindra. The XUV700 was one of the first cars that got ADAS in India. The AX7 is the starting trim that gets ADAS and is priced at Rs 22.32 lakhs. This trim gets most of the ADAS features such as automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, high beam assist and traffic sign recognition. The luxury variant however has additional ADAS features such as a blind spot monitor set, and adaptive cruise control.

5. 2023 Tata Harrier & Safari

tata safari red dark edition

The updated Tata Harrier and Safari are available with a new XZA+ (O) variant with ADAS and is dearer by a lakh over the old XZA+ variant. It gains automatic emergency braking, forward and rear collision warning, lane departure warning, high beam assist, rear cross-traffic alert, blind spot detection, etc.