5 Popular Motorcycle Names That Are Coming Back Soon

Modified Yamaha RX100 By Eimor Customs

Check out our list of five popular motorcycle names that are expected to make a comeback in the Indian market in new, modern avatars

India is one of the largest two-wheeler markets in the world, and there is a lot of competition here. Multiple automakers are fighting for their share of the market, using various strategies to capture customer attention. One effective strategy is to invoke nostalgia – revive old, fan-favourite nameplates and slap them onto their modern offerings.

Here are some of the top motorcycle names that will (or are expected to) make a comeback to the Indian market in modern avatars.

1. Yamaha RX100

modified yamaha rx100-2

Yamaha has officially confirmed that the RX100 nameplate will return to the Indian market. The details have not been confirmed, but the Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer will likely stick the name onto a retro-style commuter with a powerful engine (R15’s motor would be perfect if Yamaha is listening) that is lightweight and nimble! The launch is likely a year or two away though, sadly.

2. Yamaha RD350

modified Yamaha RD350

Another fan-favourite name from Team Blue’s arsenal will return soon! Yamaha has filed a patent for the names “RZ250” and “RZ350” in its home country, indicating a potential comeback. The RZ bikes were essentially RDs with a bikini fairing and sportier design.

In markets where RZs were never sold, it makes sense for Yamaha to bring the “RD” name back to life instead. The Global debut could happen within a year, and the India launch will likely follow a little later.

3. Hero Karizma

hero karizma xmr-2

The Karizma used to be every college boy’s dream two decades ago, but once competition stiffened, it struggled to maintain its charm. However, there was a lot of untapped potential there. Now, Hero is all set to bring this nameplate back as “Karizma XMR”, which was recently showcased at a dealer event and will likely launch in the coming weeks.

4. TVS Fiero 125

TVS Fiero FX

Ever since TVS filed a trademark for the name “Fiero 125”, motorcycle enthusiasts and fans of the brand have been waiting for the manufacturer to share some exciting news! The new TVS Fiero is expected to be a retro-style motorcycle, likely based on Raider 125

5. Kawasaki Eliminator

Kawasaki Eliminator H2

Kawasaki recently brought the Eliminator name back to the Japanese market, sticking it on its new 400cc cruiser. It is powered by Ninja 400’s engine – 399cc, liquid-cooled, parallel-twin engine, which belts out 47.5 bhp of peak power. Media reports suggest that the new Eliminator will make its way to other markets in the coming year, including India as well.