5 Monster Looking Modified Isuzu D-Max V-Cross From India


Isuzu Dm-Max V-Cross looks quite intimidating on the road in the stock form, here are five extreme modification done on the lifestyle pick-up truck in India

The Isuzu D-Max V-Cross is the first successful lifestyle pick-up truck in India that has gained a massive popularity. Many manufacturers like Tata and Mahindra have tried their lucks in India with the pick-up trucks but none of them gained much popularity.

However, the Isuzu V-Cross has become the best-selling lifestyle truck in a short time and it sure attracts a lot of buyers. Being a global product, there are many modification kits that are available for the pick-up in India and foreign countries. The Isuzu V-Cross can be modified to look mean. Here are five modified pick-up trucks that look like a beast in India.

1. Grid7

This modification job has been done by the Grid7 customs and in recent times, it has been modified even more to look like a monster. Even in this stage of modification, the Isuzu D-Max V-Cross looks extreme. To give it a monster look, it gets a 6-inch lift kit that raises the Isuzu truck by quite a bit. The chrome parts of the stock truck have been blacked-out to give it a very sporty look.

Other changes include a new 40-inch LED lightbar mounted on the top while the stock headlamp units have been replaced with HID kit. The bumper has been replaced with an off-road spec one at the front and it also gets a snorkel for better water-wading capabilities. The massive-looking truck also gets Lenso alloy wheels with Cooper tyres that look quite enticing inside the aftermarket wheel arches.

modified isuzu v-cross india-1

2. Extreme

The Isuzu D-Max V-Cross is a 4X4 vehicle and comes with the standard 4X4 fitment from the factory. Here is a modification that makes the stock V-Cross even more capable while adding to its monstrous looks.

It also gets a 6-inch lift kit that increases the ground clearance and the overall height of the pick-up truck. The suspension system comes from Overland, a brand who has been making products for off-roading for a long time now. The truck also gets a front steel bumper with integrated winch and tow hooks.

modified isuzu v-cross india-2

There is a stone deflector mounted at the front of the bonnet, while the headlamps have been given additional cover. To make the night driving easier, the truck gets auxiliary lamps mounted on the front of the grille, while extra LED lamps are mounted on the top of the roof. It gets a specialized carrier on the flatbed that increases the overall capacity and iron sidesteps that helps the occupants to get in easily.

3. Quick modification!

modified isuzu v-cross india-3

Here is a Isuzu D-Max V-Cross that gets a couple of modifications and still looks world apart when compared to the stock ones. It gets a 6-inch customized lift-kit with aftermarket wheel arches, wheels and snorkel.

The major change in the vehicle that changes the whole look is the wrap job done on it. The wrap job done by IDE works looks extremely good on the V-Cross. It gets layered body wrap with black and white being the major colors and yellow stripes in between. It sure look way different and much more aggressive than the stock!

4. Expedition ready

modified isuzu v-cross india-4

There are now many expedition vehicles in India. However, this modification job has been done by Azad 4X4 and it looks brilliant. The SUV gets a hardcover on the flatbed, that ensures more space in the vehicle. At the roof, there is a foldable tent that can house two and space to keep fuel and other luggage.

It also gets a foldable metal staircase that will allow people to enter the tent and it forms the support base for the tent too. Camping can be a lot more fun when such modified vehicles with tent installed on the top are around.

5. Meanest V-Cross


This is undoubtedly the meanest Isuzu V-Cross that you would see in India. This one belongs to Kerala and looks extreme from every angle. The front has been completely changed with a pipe-type bumper and gets a 6-inch lift. Combined with the aftermarket tyres and steel rims, this modified V-Cross can tower over any other vehicle in the vicinity with ease.

The body gets customized fenders so that they can accommodate the extra large wheels without any problem while there are extra light bars, LED tail lamps and auxiliary lamps that give it a menacing look.