5 Hot Modified Ford EcoSport SUVs From India


Ford EcoSport looks quite good on the road but with little modifications, it can look world apart!

Ford EcoSportmade the sub-4-meter SUV segment extremely popular in India. It was the first car from a major manufacturer in the segment, which saw the manufacturers jumping in the segment with their products.

Even today, the EcoSport is quite popular and has a high demand in the market. The EcoSport carries American DNA and looks quite good on the road. With little modifications, the SUV can completely change the way it looks. Here are five modified examples of the Ford EcoSport from India.

1. American muscle

The EcoSport is available in many developing markets like India and Brazil and the American design DNA is quite evident in the design of the vehicle. The EcoSport belongs to the same manufacturer that designs the massive F150 Raptor trucks. However, in the stock form, the EcoSport looks quite humble.

Here is a modification to change that completely. The SUV gets a new Ford Raptor-type front grille that announces the manufacturer’s name. It also gets chrome-delete and there are no traces of chrome on its body. The SUV also gets red insert on the grille and aftermarket headlamps that get DRLs and projectors. Even the fog lamps have been updated with LED ones.

The bumper gets a visible red two hook and the tyres have been updated too. The aftermarket steel deep dish rims with wide tyres give it a very intimidating look on the road. The all-black EcoSport also gets roof-mounted carriers.


2. DC Design

Even DC Design has worked on the Ford EcoSport to make it look sharper on the road. DC Design has put a new mesh grille up front that replaces the horizontal slat grille of the EcoSport. The other design changes include a complete replacement of the headlamp positions. The original position of the headlamps now get LED DRLs and turn indicators while the main set-up has been repositioned down. It gets twin-pod headlamps with projector lamps. At the base of the bumper, there is body spoiler too, which adds aggressiveness to the SUV.

dc designed ecosport

The rear has not changed much but the interiors have been worked upon. The stock upholstery has been replaced with beige leather with double stitching. The pre-facelift EcoSport also did not offer a touchscreen infotainment system, which has been neatly added by DC and has been placed above the center console. The rear seats have been replaced with lounge-type ones and they can be electrically adjustable.

3. Kit Up!

This modification comes from Kit Up!, a known car makeover garage from South India. This one gets a bright yellow paint job, that will make it hard to miss, even in the heavy traffic. The stock grille has been replaced with an aftermarket one, which gives an illusion of being much larger than the stock. It also gets chrome delete package with a body kit that adds new bumpers at the front and rear.

It also gets aftermarket headlamps with angel eye DRLs and smoked tail lamps. Even the interior has been revamped with bright yellow inserts on the dashboard and the seats. It sure look very different from the stock and grabs a lot of attention.

Ford-EcoSport-modified-3 (2)

4. Body kit

Adding body kit to any car can make it look extremely good. This pre-facelift EcoSport that looks quite good in new clothes. There is a new grille and land Rover Discovery inspired headlamp set-up. It also gets aftermarket bumper, side spoiler and rear spoilers that gives it a lowered look. There is even a roof mounted spoiler on the SUV. Other changes include roof mounted carrier and aftermarket tail lamps too. The blacked-out roof makes the red body very contrasting and gives the EcoSport a very appealing look.


5. More powerful

Making a car more powerful is always much more fun. Diesel cars can be easily tuned with the help of remaps and tuning kits. Here is an EcoSport diesel that gets 10% power increase and now produces a maximum of 110 Bhp. Ford vehicles have always been known for their extremely good handling and the EcoSport is no different.

Ford-Eco-Sports-5 pete

However, adding aftermarket Bilstein suspension makes it an enthusiast’s wet dream. It also gets aftermarket alloy wheels and wing mirrors that add a bling to it.