4.3 lakh Harley Davidson Motorcycles Investigated for Faulty Brakes in US

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Harley Davidson motorcycles investigated for faulty brakes; the affected units were manufactured between 2008 – 2011

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in US has started investigating 4.3 lakh Harley Davidson motorcycles for faulty brakes. The agency has received a total of 43 complaints till date regarding the sudden braking failure. It includes 3 crash and 2 injuries as well. The suspected motorcycles were built between 2008 to 2011.

The affected Harley Davidson motorcycles are equipped with Anti Lock Braking System or ABS. Instead of providing better braking, these motorcycles have been reported to losing full braking control. In these cases both the front brake lever and the rear brake foot pedal didn’t work. Harley Davidson says, it is aware of the problem and it will cooperate with the NHTSA.

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The incidents regarding the braking failure include both the front and rear brake failures. A rider from Arkansas complained his 2011 HD FLHR began shaking suddenly while cruising at 75 mph. Another rider complained about the front brake lever froze completely. While there was report of both front and rear brake failure, which resulted the motorcycle crushed into a garage door.

The brake fluid in the Harley Davidson motorcycles is supposed to be replaced every two years. It is being suspected that the owners of the concerned cases didn’t replace the fluid. The braking failure can happen if the brake fluid gets contaminated by moisture and corrodes the ABS actuator valves. Still, the complete braking power loss without any warning is a major issue.

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This is not the first time Harley Davidson faced problems with braking failures. Earlier in 2014 the American motorcycle company recalled 60000 motorcycles for braking issue. In India the motorcycle maker sells most of its global lineup.

Some of the models sold in India are produced locally in the country. While some models come via CBU route. Now it is to be seen if the models in India also have similar problem or not.