350cc Bikes March 2021 Sales – Classic, Electra, Meteor, Bullet, CB350

meteor vs highness 350-1

Royal Enfield Classic 350 recorded 31,696 units as against 24,304 units during the same period last year with 30.4 per cent sales growth

Royal Enfield posted a cumulative domestic tally of 60,173 units in March 2021 as against 32,630 units during the same period last year with a Year-on-Year volume growth of 84.4 per cent. However, when compared to the previous month of February 2021, the retro motorcycle maker recorded 7.6 per cent MoM decline.

The brand has been the indomitable leader in the 350 cc motorcycle space and its best-selling model, the Classic 350, continues to draw in volumes. Last month, it sat at the top of the sales charts for 350 cc motorcycles with a total of 31,696 units as against 24,304 units during the corresponding month in 2020 with 30.41 per cent growth.

RE introduced the Meteor 350 late last year to replace the Thunderbird 350 and is sold in three variants namely Fireball, Stellar and Supernova. The cruiser is the first 350 cc Royal Enfield model to sit on the twin cradle chassis, and is equipped with Tripper Navigation system and a revised 349 cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine with OHC setup.

350 cc Bikes (YoY) Sales In March 2021 Sales In March 2020
1. RE Classic 350 (30.41%) 31,696 24,304
2. RE Meteor 350 10,596   –
3. RE Bullet 350 (286.64%) 9,693 2,507
4. RE Electra 350 (55.51%) 4,914 3,160
5. Honda CB350 4,302   –

The improved fit and finish coupled with lesser vibrations compared to the existing 346 cc motor used in the Classic, Bullet and Electra are some of the key reasons for its good reception amongst customers. The same recipe will be used in the new generation Classic 350, which is expected to launch in the coming months.

New Variant Of Royal Enfield Classic 350 Launched At Rs. 1.45 Lakh

The Meteor 350 finished second in the sales table for 350 cc motorcycles as 10,596 units were recorded while the Bullet 350 garnered a total of 9,693 units as against 2,507 units during the same period twelve months ago with nearly 287 per cent increase in volumes. The Electra posted 4,914 units as against 3,160 units in March 2020 with 55.5 per cent growth.

The Honda CB350 range was expanded recently with the addition of the CB350RS scrambler. The Japanese manufacturer has been widening the footprint of the BigWing dealerships rapidly since the debut of the H’ness CB350 and last month, 4,302 units were recorded and it will be interesting to see how the sales numbers improve in the coming months.