2023 Hyundai Verna Production Process & Automation Detailed – Video

2023 Hyundai Verna Production

The 2023 Hyundai Verna will go on sale on March 21 in India and it will be powered by a new 1.5L turbo petrol engine producing 160 PS

Hyundai Motor India Limited has showcased the engineering activities and manufacturing origins of the new generation Verna. It is rolled out of the brand’s production unit at Sriperumbudur near Chennai. The second largest carmaker in the country says the new Verna is designed to ‘enhance body stiffness and improves structural connectivity for optimum distribution of energy flow’.

The science behind the ‘Superstructure’ is displayed in the Press Shop at Hyundai’s production plant. The new-gen Hyundai Verna is created using smart inspection techniques such as 3D scanning and infrared camera inspection to ensure ‘supreme levels’ of build quality. Speaking of which, Unsoo Kim, MD & CEO of Hyundai Motor India Ltd., said:

“Using the most contemporary manufacturing practises, we have ensured supreme levels of quality, compliance and performance for this new benchmark sedan. With prudent use of Industry 4.0, automation, robots and highly skilled HMI workforce are working seamlessly to bring these engineering marvels to life and ensuring a superior mobility experience for our customers.”

The structure is reinforced with increased thickness of the side reinforcement and material addition in the centre and front floor application. It is constructed on HMIL’s IoT-enabled Body-build line that features 100 per cent welding automation with over 450 intelligent robots that take care of welding and other intricate manufacturing processes.

It also utilises a real-time vision inspection for door mastic sealers, to further enhance the structural quality. The midsize sedan undergoes a fresh coat in the paint shop using high-throw power 7th generation Electro Deposition coating. Hyundai has also introduced a dual-tone paint coating and with the application of ‘premium clear’ paint improved paint durability will be ensured.

The 1.5L four-cylinder turbocharged GDi petrol engine producing 160 PS and 253 Nm is manufactured using high-precision machines at the fully automated machining lines. A special ball milling technology and automatic Borescope inspection process have been implemented to enhance the level of purity.

The powertrain endures an array of challenging conditions at our Endurance labs and eco-friendly Cold test beds, without burning fuel. The final transformation is completed in the hands of HMIL’s craftsmen in the Assembly shop. With an integrated electric tool tightening system that confirms over 700 dynamic joints in a car, the all-new Hyundai Verna offers the assurance of the best quality standards.

It will become the first sedan in this segment to feature Hyundai SmartSense Level 2 ADAS tech. The camera and radar are calibrated using Target Board and Doppler Generator. The five-seater undergoes rigorous road tests with 15 drive tracks simulating various road driving conditions.