2022 Maruti Brezza Vs Rivals – Brief Price Comparison

2022 Maruti Suzuki Brezza Front

Here, we have a price comparison between the newly-launched 2022 Maruti Brezza and all its closest competitors in the Indian market

Maruti Suzuki recently launched the 2022 Brezza in the Indian market, priced from Rs. 7.99 lakh to Rs. 13.96 lakh. The SUV gets an updated 1.5-litre NA petrol engine (103 PS/136.8 Nm, with a mild-hybrid system), and buyers can choose between two transmission options – a 5-speed MT and a 6-speed AT. Here, we have compared the little Maruti crossover with all its rivals (petrol versions only), to see how competitive it really is in today’s market.

The current leader of the sub-4-metre SUV segment in terms of sales – Tata Nexon – is available in numerous variants. Its petrol version is priced from Rs. 7.55 lakh to Rs. 12.60 lakh, including the special ‘Kaziranga Edition’ variants. Its petrol engine option is a 1.2L turbocharged powerplant (120 PS/170 Nm), available with two transmission options – a 6-speed MT and a 6-speed AMT.

Mahindra XUV300 is priced from Rs. 8.41 lakh to Rs. 13.21 lakh for the petrol variants, which draw power from a 1.2L turbo-petrol engine (110 PS/200 Nm), available with a choice between a 6-speed MT and a 6-speed AMT.

Tata Nexon Royal Blue

Maruti Brezza Tata Nexon (petrol) Mahindra XUV300 (Petrol)
Rs. 7.99 lakh [LXi] Rs. 7.55 lakh [XE] Rs. 8.41 lakh [W4]
Rs. 9.47 lakh [VXi], Rs. 10.97 lakh [VXi AT] Rs. 8.55 lakh [XM], Rs. 9.20 lakh [XMA] Rs. 10.0 lakh [W6], Rs. 10.51 lakh [W6 AMT]
Rs. 10.87 lakh [ZXi], Rs. 12.37 lakh [ZXi AT] Rs. 9.15 lakh [XM(S)], Rs. 9.80 lakh [XM(S)] Rs. 11.16 lakh [W8]
Rs. 11.03 lakh [ZXi dualtone], Rs. 12.53 lakh [ZXi AT dualtone] Rs. 10.25 lakh [XZ+], Rs. 10.90 lakh [XZA+] Rs. 12.38 lakh [W8 (O)], Rs. 13.06 lakh [W8 (O) AMT]
Rs. 12.30 lakh [ZXi+], Rs. 13.80 lakh [ZXi+ AT] Rs. 10.40 lakh [XZ+ DT], Rs. 11.05 lakh [XZA+ DT] Rs. 12.53 lakh [W8 (O) DT], Rs. 13.21 lakh [W8 (O) DT AMT]
Rs. 12.46 lakh [ZXi+ dualtone], Rs. 13.96 lakh [ZXi+ AT dualtone] Rs. 10.55 lakh [XZ+ Dark], Rs. 11.20 lakh [XZA+ Dark]
Rs. 11 lakh [XZ+ (HS)], Rs. 11.65 lakh [XZA+ (HS)]
Rs. 11.15 lakh [XZ+ (HS) DT], Rs. 11.80 lakh [XZA+ (HS) DT]
Rs. 11.30 lakh [XZ+ (HS) Dark], Rs. 11.95 lakh [XZ+ (HS) Dark]
Rs. 11.25 lakh [XZ+ (O)], Rs. 11.90 lakh [XZA+ (O)]
Rs. 11.40 lakh [XZ+(O) DT], Rs. 12.05 lakh [XZA+(O) DT]
Rs. 11.55 lakh [XZ+ (O) Dark], Rs. 12.20 lakh [XZA+ (O) Dark]
Rs. 11.75 lakh [XZ+ (P)], Rs. 12.40 lakh [XZA+ (P)]
Rs. 11.90 lakh[XZ+(P) DT], Rs. 12.55 lakh [XZA+(P) DT]
Rs. 11.95 lakh [XZ+(P) Dark], Rs. 12.60 lakh [XZA+(P) Dark]
Rs. 11.95 lakh [Kaziranga Edition], Rs. 12.60 lakh [Kaziranga Edition AMT]

There are two petrol engine choices available on Hyundai Venue – a 1.2L naturally aspirated unit (83 PS/114 Nm) and a 1.0L turbocharged unit (120 PS/172 Nm). The former is available with a 5-speed MT, while the latter can be had with a 6-speed iMT or a 7-speed DCT. The petrol variants are priced between Rs. 7.53 lakh to Rs. 12.72 lakh.

Kia Sonet gets the same petrol engine options as Hyundai Venue, along with the same transmission choices for both engines. The price range of its petrol variants is wider – from Rs. 7.15 lakh to Rs. 13.09 lakh.

2022 venue -1

Hyundai Venue (petrol) Kia Sonet (petrol) Toyota Urban Cruiser
Rs. 7.53 lakh [E] Rs. 7.15 lakh [HTE] Rs. 9.03 lakh [Mid], Rs. 10.15 lakh [Mid AT]
Rs. 8.70 lakh [S] Rs. 8.15 lakh [HTK] Rs. 9.78 lakh [High], Rs. 11.03 lakh [High AT]
Rs. 9.50 lakh [S(O)] Rs. 9.05 lakh [HTK Plus] Rs. 10.0 lakh [Premium], Rs. 11.73 lakh [Premium AT]
Rs. 10. Lakh [S(O) turbo iMT], Rs. 10.97 lakh [S(O) turbo DCT] Rs. 9.99 lakh [HTK Plus turbo iMT]
Rs. 10.70 lakh [SX] Rs. 10.79 lakh [HTX turbo iMT], Rs. 11.39 lakh [HTX turbo DCT]
Rs. 10.85 lakh [SX DT] Rs. 11.19 lakh [Anniversary Edition iMT], Rs. 11.79 lakh [Anniversary Edition DCT]
Rs. 11.92 lakh [SX(O) turbo iMT], Rs. 12.57 lakh [SX(O) turbo DCT] Rs. 12.09 lakh [HTX Plus turbo iMT]
Rs. 12.07 lakh [SX(O) turbo iMT DT], Rs. 12.72 lakh [SX(O) turbo DCT DT] Rs. 12.45 lakh [GTX Plus turbo iMT], Rs. 13.09 lakh [GTX Plus turbo DCT]

Toyota Urban Cruiser (rebadged version of the pre-facelift Maruti Vitara Brezza), is priced from Rs. 9.03 lakh to Rs. 11.73 lakh. Under the hood, it has a 1.5-litre NA petrol engine, which belts out 105 PS and 138 Nm. Transmission options available here include a 5-speed MT and a 4-speed AT (with a mild-hybrid system available on AT variants).

Renault Kiger is priced from Rs. 5.99 lakh to Rs. 10.57 lakh, and there are two engine options available here. The first one is a 1.0L NA petrol motor (72 PS/96 Nm), which can be had with a 5-speed MT or a 5-speed AMT. The second one is a 1.0L turbo-petrol unit (100 PS/160 Nm), available with a choice between a 5-speed MT and a CVT (152 Nm of peak torque on CVT variants).

Renault Kiger Vs Nissan Magnite

Renault Kiger Nissan Magnite
Rs. 5.99 lakh [RXE] Rs. 5.88 lakh [XE]
Rs. 6.90 lakh [RXL] Rs. 6.80 lakh [XL]
Rs. 7.45 lakh [RXT], Rs. 8.0 lakh [RXT AMT] Rs. 7.93 lakh [turbo XL], Rs. 8.91 lakh [turbo CVT XL]
Rs. 9.79 lakh [RXT turbo CVT] Rs. 7.27 lakh [XV Executive]
Rs. 10.03 lakh [RXT turbo DT CVT] Rs. 8.01 lakh [turbo XV Executive], Rs. 8.93 lakh [turbo CVT XV Executive]
Rs. 7.79 lakh [RXT (O)], Rs. 8.35 lakh [RXT (O) AMT] Rs. 7.42 lakh [XV]
Rs. 8.89 lakh [RXT (O) turbo] Rs. 8.78 lakh [turbo XV], Rs. 9.68 lakh [turbo CVT XV]
Rs. 8.03 lakh [RXT (O) DT], Rs. 8.57 lakh [RXT (O) DT AMT] Rs. 7.58 lakh [XV DT]
Rs. 9.12 lakh [RXT (O) turbo DT], Rs. 10.03 lakh [RXT turbo DT CVT] Rs. 8.94 lakh [turbo XV DT], Rs. 9.84 lakh [turbo CVT XV DT]
Rs. 8.34 lakh [RXZ], Rs. 8.89 lakh [RXZ AMT] Rs. 8.14 lakh [XV Premium]
Rs. 9.44 lakh [RXZ turbo], Rs. 10.34 lakh [RXZ turbo CVT] Rs. 8.30 lakh [XV Premium DT]
Rs. 8.57 lakh [RXZ DT], Rs. 9.12 lakh [RXZ DT AMT] Rs. 9.33 lakh [turbo XV Premium], Rs. 10.20 lakh [turbo CVT XV Premium]
Rs. 9.67 lakh [RXZ turbo DT], Rs. 10.57 lakh [RXZ turbo DT CVT] Rs. 9.49 lakh [turbo XV Premium DT], Rs. 10.36 lakh [turbo CVT XV Premium DT]
Rs. 9.53 lakh [turbo XV Premium (O)], Rs. 10.40 lakh [turbo CVT XV Premium (O)]
Rs. 9.69 lakh [turbo XV Premium (O) DT], Rs. 10.56 lakh [turbo CVT XV Premium (O) DT]

Nissan Magnite is extremely aggressively priced, from Rs. 5.88 lakh to Rs. 10.56 lakh. It gets the same two engine choices as Renault Kiger – a 1.0-litre NA petrol mill (72 PS/96 Nm) and a 1.0-litre turbo-petrol mill (100 PS/160 Nm). A 5-speed MT comes standard on both, while automatic transmission options are limited to a CVT, available only on the turbo-petrol engine (peak torque rated at 152 Nm on CVT variants).

All prices mentioned are ex-showroom, New Delhi