2022 Jeep Meridian Vs Rivals – Complete Price Comparison


Here, we have a price comparison between the newly launched Jeep Meridian and its rivals – Toyota Fortuner, MG Gloster, and Skoda Kodiaq

Jeep Meridian has been launched in India, and people seem to be quite excited about it! Jeep’s new SUV manages to undercut all its rivals, while still offering great comfort, space, and performance. It is only available with a diesel engine at the moment (the tried-and-tested 2.0L Multijet powerplant), with a 4×4 drivetrain option on offer too.

Its closest rivals in the Indian market include Toyota Fortuner, MG Gloster, and Skoda Kodiaq. The Toyota SUV is available with both petrol and diesel engine options, while Skoda offers only a petrol engine option on its SUV. As for Gloster, it only gets diesel engine options, similar to Meridian.

Toyota Fortuner petrol and MG Gloster are the closest to Jeep Meridian in terms of pricing. The petrol-powered Skoda Kodiaq is noticeably more expensive, with only a small price overlap with the new Jeep. As for Toyota Fortuner diesel, it’s quite a different story.

toyota fortuner GRsport-5

Jeep Meridian vs Diesel-powered rivals (Toyota Fortuner and MG Gloster)
Jeep Meridan (Diesel) Toyota Fortuner (Diesel) MG Gloster (Diesel)
Rs. 29.90 lakh [Limited MT], Rs. 31.80 lakh [Limited AT] Rs. 34.29 lakh [4×2 MT], Rs. 36.57 lakh [4×2 AT] Rs. 31.49 lakh [Super AT 4×2 (7-seater)]
Rs. 32.40 lakh [Limited (O) MT], Rs. 34.30 lakh [Limited (O) AT] Rs. 37.74 lakh [4×4 MT], Rs. 40.03 lakh [4×4 AT] Rs. 37.92 lakh [Sharp AT 4×4 (6/7-seater)]
Rs. 36.95 lakh [Limited AT 4×4] Rs. 40.91 lakh [Legender 4×2 AT] Rs. 39.49 lakh [Savvy AT 4×4 (6/7-seater)]
Rs. 44.63 lakh [Legender 4×4 AT]
Rs. 48.43 lakh [GR-S]

While the diesel version of Fortuner starts at a reasonable price, it becomes way too expensive as one climbs up the variant ladder. In fact, the top-spec ‘GR-S’ variant, which was launched just recently, is priced at Rs. 48.43 lakh!


It is also worth noting that all SUVs in this segment get a 4×4 option (Skoda Kodiaq gets all-wheel-drive as standard). Also, while the Jeep and the Skoda are based on monocoque platforms, the Toyota and the MG are built on rugged ladder-frame platforms.

Jeep Meridian vs petrol-powered rivals (Toyota Fortuner and Skoda Kodiaq)
Jeep Meridan (Diesel) Toyota Fortuner (petrol) Skoda Kodiaq (petrol)
Rs. 29.90 lakh [Limited MT], Rs. 31.80 lakh [Limited AT] Rs. 31.79 [4×2 MT], Rs. 33.38 lakh [4×2 AT] Rs. 35.99 lakh [Style]
Rs. 32.40 lakh [Limited (O) MT], Rs. 34.30 lakh [Limited (O) AT] Rs. 36.99 lakh [Sportline]
Rs. 36.95 lakh [Limited AT 4×4] Rs. 38.49 lakh [L&K]

mg gloster -1

Thanks to the aggressive pricing and powerful powerplant, Jeep Meridian seems like a brilliant option to pick in the large SUV segment. For a complete assessment of its space, features, and driving dynamics, stay tuned for our review, which will be coming soon.

All prices mentioned are ex-showroom, New Delhi