2022 Hyundai Venue Facelift Vs Kia Sonet – Price Comparison


The 2022 Hyundai Venue facelift was launched in India recently, and here, we compare its prices with its cousin, Kia Sonet

Hyundai Motor Company recently launched the facelifted Venue in India. The compact SUV now gets a bolder and sharper design, which is expected to boost its popularity in our market. Of course, the updated model is more expensive, and here, we’ve compared its prices with another popular compact SUV – Kia Sonet.

The facelifted Hyundai Venue is noticeably more expensive than the previous version. Its petrol version is priced from Rs. 7.53 lakh to Rs. 12.57 lakh, while the price of the diesel version ranges from Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 12.32 lakh.

In comparison, Kia Sonet has a much wider price range! The prices of the petrol version vary between Rs. 7.15 lakh and Rs. 13.09 lakh, while its diesel version is priced from Rs. 8.89 lakh to Rs. 13.69 lakh. The Kia crossover has a lot more variants on sale as well.

hyundai venue denim blue gaadiwaadi-1

2022 Hyundai Venue facelift vs Kia Sonet – price comparison (petrol variants)
Hyundai Venue (petrol) Kia Sonet (petrol)
Rs. 7.53 lakh (E) Rs. 7.15 lakh (HTE)
Rs. 8.7 lakh (S) Rs. 8.15 lakh (HTK)
Rs. 9.5 lakh (S Opt) Rs. 9.05 lakh (HTK+)
Rs. 10 lakh (S Opt Turbo iMT) Rs. 9.99 lakh (HTK+ Turbo iMT)
Rs. 10.97 lakh (S Opt Turbo DCT) Rs. 10.79 lakh (HTX Turbo iMT)
Rs. 10.7 lakh (SX) Rs. 11.39 lakh (HTX Turbo DCT)
Rs. 11.92 lakh (SX Opt Turbo iMT) Rs. 12.09 lakh (HTX+ Turbo iMT)
Rs. 12.57 lakh (SX Opt Turbo DCT) Rs. 12.45 lakh (GTX+ Turbo iMT)
Rs. 13.09 lakh (GTX+ Turbo DCT)

Both Hyundai Venue and Kia Sonet have the same engine options on offer. The petrol powerplant choices include a 1.2L NA engine (83 PS/114 Nm) and a 1.0L turbocharged engine (120 PS/172 Nm). The 1.2L mill comes mated to a 5-speed MT, while the 1.0L motor can be had with a 6-speed iMT (clutchless manual) or a 7-speed DCT.

A 1.5L turbo-diesel engine is available as well. On Hyundai Venue, this engine is rated at 100 PS/240 Nm, and it comes mated to a 6-speed MT only. Kia Sonet, however, gets this engine in two different tunes – 100 PS/240 Nm (mated to a 6-speed MT) and 115 PS/250 Nm (mated to 6-speed AT)

2022 kia seltos and sonet-4

2022 Hyundai Venue facelift vs Kia Sonet – price comparison (diesel variants)
Hyundai Venue (diesel) Kia Sonet (diesel)
Rs. 8.89 lakh (HTE)
Rs. 10 lakh (S+) Rs. 9.69 lakh (HTK)
Rs. 10.35 lakh (HTK+)
Rs. 11.19 lakh (HTX)
Rs. 11.43 lakh (SX) Rs. 11.99 lakh (HTX AT)
Rs. 12.32 lakh (SX Opt) Rs. 12.49 lakh (HTX+)
Rs. 12.85 lakh (GTX+)
Rs. 13.69 lakh (GTX+ AT)

Thanks to the multiple engine and transmission options, both these compact SUVs are fairly popular among buyers. These are brilliantly equipped as well, and are handsome-looking in their own rights.

All prices are ex-showroom, New Delhi