2022 BMW i3 (3-Series EV) Leaked Online, Will Rival Tesla Model 3

2022 BMW i3 3-series EV leaked img1

The new BMW i3 is an all-electric sedan, rated at 340 PS of peak power, based on the long-wheelbase 3-Series

It’s no secret that BMW is working on an all-electric version of the 3-Series sedan. Now, leaked images from China, thanks to vehicle listing by government authorities, have revealed that this upcoming EV will be named i3. The 2022 BMW i3 is expected to have its official global debut at Beijing Auto Show, scheduled to be held in April next year.

Some readers would remember that the ‘i3’ nameplate was previously used by BMW for an all-electric hatchback. The new model shares nothing with the old one though. The new i3 is based on the facelifted 3-series (long-wheelbase), featuring the same sharp-looking LED headlamps as the standard sedan. The differences in styling include a closed front grille (with blue accents), aerodynamic wheels, different side skirts, etc.

We also see a badge in Chinese on the tail of the electric sedan, along with an ‘e-Drive 35L’ badge. The dimensions of the vehicle have been stated as follows – a length of 4,872mm, a width of 1,846mm, and a height of 1,481mm, along with a 2,966mm long wheelbase. The kerb weight of the electric sedan has been reported to be 2029 kg.

2022 BMW i3 3-series EV leaked img2

The interior of the vehicle is still under wraps though, but we expect the cabin to be similar to the 3-Series as well. There would be blue highlights all around the cabin, to mark this as an EV, while the level of luxury and convenience would be the same as the IC engine-powered 3-Series sedan. Details about the electric powertrain have been only partially listed by Chinese government authorities.

The 2022 BMW i3 is rated at a peak power of 340 PS, which can push the vehicle to a top speed of 180 kmph (112 mph). The power output is similar to that of the i4 eDrive40, which has given rise to the speculation that the vehicle could draw power from an 83.9 kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

The i4 eDrive40 has an EPA-tested range of 483 km (300 miles), and the new i3 could have a similar driving range. However, this is just speculation, and we’d have to wait for the official unveiling to know the actual technical specifications.