2021 RE Classic 350 Specs, Dimension Details Leaked Ahead Of Launch


2021 RE Classic 350 specs and other key details have been leaked ahead of debut in the coming weeks

Royal Enfield is preparing to launch the new generation Classic 350 towards the end of this month and it will come with a host of changes. The upcoming motorcycle is based on the new J platform that debuted in the Meteor 350 and it will help in better dynamic characteristics. The overall handling and cornering capabilities of the new-gen Classic 350 are expected to be improved massively.

A leaked circular allowing for the registration approval suggests that the 2021 Royal Enfield Classic 350 will have an overall length of 2,145 mm, width of 785 mm, and height of 1,090 mm with a wheelbase length of 1,390 mm and the GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) – the maximum loaded weight of a particular vehicle – stands at 375 kilograms.

Compared to the existing model, the second-gen Classic 350 is 15 mm longer, 5 mm wider and the overall height stands similar at 1,090 mm. The wheelbase length of 1,390 mm is identical as well. The document also confirms that it will be powered by a 349.34 cc single-cylinder fuel-injected BSVI-compliant engine, and it will be air- and oil-cooled, just as the Meteor 350 cruiser.


S.No 2021 RE Classic 350 Dimensions Units
1. Length 2,145 mm
2. Width 785 mm
3. Height 1,090 mm
4. Wheelbase 1,390 mm
5. Gross Vehicle Weight 375 kg

Moreover, it will have a single overhead cam setup and the presence of a balancer shaft should aid in reducing overall vibrations. The revised engine will be responsible for offering better acceleration, possibly higher top speeds, and better cruising speeds as well. It will develop 19.94 horsepower (14.87 kW) at 6,100 rpm according to the document and 27 Nm of peak torque, and is paired with a five-speed transmission.

The Chennai-based manufacturer will offer an assortment of accessories with the new-gen Classic and it will be available in single- and double-seater layouts while spoked and alloy wheels will also be retailed. Paint schemes such as Stealth Black and Signals along with new colours will further expand the range.


S.No 2021 RE Classic 350 Specs Units
1. Engine 349.34 cc single-cylinder OHC air/oil cooled
2. Power 14.87 kW (19.94 hp) at 6,100 rpm
3. Torque 27 Nm (likely)
4. Transmission 5-Speed

The revised instrument cluster will have a separate pod for the optional Tripper Navigation system and a separate digital display will show information like fuel level. Besides the updated switchgear with improved overall fit and finish, the 2021 Classic 350 gets updated body graphics, new seat, repositioned grab rail, and so on upon arrival.